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4 The Power of Colliding Channel Experiences

Smart marketers are plunging headlong into social media and extending their brands and ecosystems to boldly go where no brand has ever gone before. The digital landscape is exciting, it’s where the buzz seems to be, but the true catalyst of growth and change, I believe resides in the place where your digital and analog worlds collide.

In other words, when you can build a network by conversing with seemingly like minded individuals on your blog and then turn one or more of those individuals into strategic alliances built on a burgeoning relationship of truse, and finally, get a chance to introduce that person to a good customer over lunch, well that’s what I call the ultimate cross channel experience.

colliding ecosystems

To me, twitter is not simply another extended world to manage, it’s an opportunity to initiate community based on ideas instead of geography or industry and then potentially explore ways to move members of that community into other exciting and profitable relationships.

I had a brief conversation on this subject over the weekend with David Armano, author of a great blog called Logic+Emotion. David creates incredibly effective illustrations of ideas and concepts. Visual thinkers will love his work. – Spend some time with this set of illustrations.

What I’m really talking about here of course is integration of marketing messages, campaigns, opportunities and channels, but I think the ability to do this in planned, impactful, and scalable ways has increased dramatically through the addition of social media. But, not to the total exclusion of the conference, chamber social or MeetUp.

Bottom line: we need to think intentionally about the ways to use online to create richer offline opportunities.

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8 My Social Media System continued again

Here’s the post that started this social media system thread – and where you can see all the follow-ups

Today’s social media system example comes from Amber Naslund. Amber is a social media and marketing upstart, and exercises her social media chops daily as the Director of Community for Radian6.

I’m learning way more from this series than I could have ever imagined. (hope you are too!) Amber warned me that her approach and organization might be different than my own – and that’s exactly what I wanted. Harder to teach yourself new tricks – easier to learn from others!

And, readers are chiming it too:
Elena Kostovska – Skopje, Macedonia
Robert Brady – Provo, UT

Have you documented your system? Add it to the comments or post it to your blog and send or tweet the link.

19 Think Search When Considering a Blog

Whenever I am asked to speak to a group of small business folks about social media, I always suggest the creation of a blog as the jumping off point to enter the world of social media.

More often than not someone in the crowd will remark, “I don’t read blogs, nobody has time for that, why would I want to start blogging.”

I then proceed to dissect this comment like:
1) I don’t read blogs – chances are you probably do – not like a magazine or a diary perhaps, but every second of the day millions of folks go online to search for products, services, companies, solutions and answers – and guess what kind of content they find – you bet, content from keyword rich, search engine friendly blog posts.

2) nobody has time for that – on this point we agree, a lot of folks don’t have time to sit down and pour over the random musings of perfect strangers – but, they do have the time and need to get information about the products, services, and companies they plan to do business with – and guess what kind of information they find when they search? – blog posts. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

3) why would I want to start blogging – if your intent with a blog is to develop a large, engaged, readership and to stake your claim as a thought leader in your industry, a blog is a wonderful vehicle, as long as you realize you must work like crazy to implement this strategy. If, however, you simply want to show up in Google searches for things like “Denver accounting software reseller” or “Boise hair salon,” then posting keyword rich, education based, location aware content a couple of times a week on a blog is your ticket to success.

Search as a way of life for your customers and prospects and has changed the game of marketing forever and while there are additional potent reasons to blog, enhancing your chances to rank well in the search game is reason enough for most small businesses to invest the little bit of time and energy it requires.

12 Facebook for Professionals

Mari SmithAs social media and social network sites such as Facebook grow in popularity and utility for business, it’s no wonder that professionals are building businesses around showing other professionals how to get the most bang for their social networking buck.

For a recent episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I spoke with Mari Smith who has built a following as a relationship marketing specialist and Facebook business coach. We explored many of the ways that business people are finding to connect, engage and actually sell in a social media environment.

I’ve written a great deal in the past about this subject, including my top 10 business applications for Facebook that is one of my most popular posts. This category is not going away and the more people can focus on understanding how to meet marketing objectives through the use of various social media the better.

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