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6 Are You a Digital Nomad?

Dell just launched a pretty cool initiative called Digital Nomads. The idea is to create a content driven site that is focused on the growing numbers of people working and playing in a digital, no four walls around me, kind of way.

The content certainly features the occasional suggestion that a Dell laptop is the tool of choice for today’s digital nomad, but it’s shaping up to be so much more than that. In the spirit of full disclosure I’m providing content for the site as is Shel Holz and Phil Torrone of MakeBlog – a couple of pretty smart guys.

The site features tools and tips – I wrote this week about one of my new favorites, a Technology Enabled Jacket from SCOTTEVEST – basically a jacket with all kinds of pockets and a system for wiring things like my headphones, but then somehow still look cool.

If you like to discover hacks and gadgets to make your digital lifestyle more tuned in, check out Digital Nomads.

8 Sell More When You Sell Some

Oftentimes marketers pass up obvious opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell products and services. When someone buys your product you are handed a perfect way to introduce other products or other ways to get more from your products.

I’m always amazed when I open a shipment from someone and it doesn’t have a catalog or flyer in it. You’ve already put a stamp on the invoice, why not drop a little sales incentive in there too. What about those coupons you get on the pizza box delivery? Couldn’t you do something like that as well?

Here are two great examples:
1) Brown lures – Theses fishing lures are packed in a bag with a retail header card on top. When the customer opens the package, the header card becomes a postcard with an offer of free samples of new colors. They tell me they get an astonishing amount of these back and build a great database of buyers who purchase at retail.

2) SCOTTEVEST – This clothing line aimed at techies features tons of pockets for gear. Each pocket has a card suggesting uses for the pocket and vestimonials from happy customers. The card also makes subtle hints about gifting and has all the contact info. By the time you are done going through all the coat pockets you’ve got about 20 cards to give to admiring friends. (And yes, the shipment includes a catalog.)

BONUS Idea: Only sell one product? What about using this as a tool for your strategic partners to promote each other’s goods and services?