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4 Weekend Favs March Six

I have a weekend routine where I share a handful of favorite things I tripped upon online this week. I usually about three and don’t go into much detail but suggest you check them out. The image featured in the post is a favorite creative commons image on Flickr.

Image credit:Nordgren

Good stuff I found this week:

Backup Buddy – a WordPress Plugin that automates the back-up, restoration, and migration of a WordPress blog. This is a paid plug-in but I’ve not found much out there that offers the migration ease that this plugin seems to offer if you need to move to a new host.

Harness the Power of ReferralsInc magazine article showcasing Make A Referral Week 2010 – a week long effort to raise 1000 referrals for 1000 businesses from March 8th to the 12th.

Master List – a wiki format list of social media monitoring solutions