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10 Grammar and Proofreading Tools for Content Marketers

In creating online content for your business, you want to ensure it has several essential ingredients checked off before distributing it to your readers. Above all else, it needs to be interesting and engaging for them, or you’ll quickly lose their attention. But, second to that, it’s crucial that the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your content be flawless.

When errors find themselves throughout your content, it not only calls into question your credibility as a reliable and trusted source, but it also causes readers to ask about your motives and whether you’ve put in the time and effort to create quality content for them.

Avoid those mistakes and those questions by properly proofreading your content before it goes out, with the help of these amazing tools:


Among the library of resources at Academized, this English Grammar Handbook serves as a concise reference guide to help answer some of the most confusing grammar questions you’ll come across. It also provides you with concrete examples of how to put each grammar rule into practical use, making it easier to see how it applies to your own writing.

Online Proofreader

Grammarly’s online proofreader works instantly to find and highlight over 250 different types of grammatical errors you may be making throughout your content. Adding this software to your web browser means you can take it anywhere with you and use it to find and fix mistakes in your social media posts or anywhere else you go online.

UK Writings

Having a real person proofread your work is, in almost all cases, far superior to an automated checker. Get a set of real eyes looking over your work when you send off your content to be proofread by the team at UK Writings. Experts in their field, they’ll point out not just errors in grammar, but also potentially embarrassing errors in context.


Turn to this annotated collection of grammar and writing resources from across the web when you’ve got questions about the rules. And, although there are some well-established rules in the world of grammar, there are also some not-so-set things that this resource outlines. For content creators, it’s the perfect collection of rulebooks, to see what’s hard-set and what ‘rules’ can be waived in favor of style.

Easy Word Count

There are many instances when keeping a tally of your word count is important to the success of your content as a whole. Whether you’re trying to meet a certain minimum word or character count, or you’re trying to stay within specific limits, this instant word counter can give you fast and accurate results.

Cite It In

It’s always important to give credit where credit is due. And, when you’re referencing someone else’s work for your readers, you want to make sure you’re properly citing those sources. Not only does it make it much easier for someone to find that original resource for themselves, but it also elevates your professional image and credibility as a trusted source.

Big Assignments

When you don’t want to do the tedious work of proofreading, send it off for the experts to take care of. Remember that proofreading your work is an essential step that you don’t want to skip, but if you don’t have the time, patience, or even the skills to do it, hand it off to someone who does. With a real person checking your work, more mistakes are likely to be caught than if you had just run the content through a computerized checker.

Proofread Bot

Let this meticulous bot scan through your work to pick out any mistakes. It’ll also give you details about that particular mistake and the surrounding rules. You can also search through a cache of grammar rules, and even earn credits for proofreading by creating your own.


Finding errors in more than 20 different languages, LanguageTool is an open-source program that can detect a number of errors that simple spell checkers can easily miss. Stylistic errors are highlighted and suggestions for improvements are given, to improve the readability and overall quality of the content.


Proofreading is never a fun task, especially after you’ve put in so much hard work and time in creating your written content. When it comes time to edit your work, delegating that task to a professional is as easy as calling upon the help of the team at Ox Essays. Your project will be paired up with a team member who’s a pro in the field, so mistakes will not go unnoticed.

Editing and proofreading your online content is an essential step that cannot be skipped over. On the line are your credibility and the trust of your readers. Lose that with a simple grammar or spelling mistake, and it can be difficult to regain. These online tools can help you weed out any errors and make your writing go from good to great.

About the Author

Mary Walton is a professional editor from Santa Monica. She studied in Australia and traveled the world. Loves writing and e-learning. Mary helps people create successful resumes at Resumention. Follow Mary on Twitter and Linkedin!

9 Tools to Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video

9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape MarketingRunning a business takes a lot of hard work, time, and skill. You’re great at the business part, but how about your marketing? Social media is the best way to get the word out there about your business, but it may not be your strong suit. Outsourcing your content creation can be the best way to market yourself effectively in the online marketplace, without sacrificing your own time on the effort. If you’re thinking about outsourcing your content creation, try out these nine tools.

Graphic Content Creation

  1. Design Crowd: If you’re starting out, you’re going to need business stationery, and a logo to go on it. A business with the same design on everything, from their shipping labels to their letter overheads, looks professional. This service can create them all for you, giving your business a unified look over everything you send out to customers. You can even have them design clothing with the same branding for your customer facing staff.
  2. 99 Designs: Brand identity is key to showing potential customers you’re a professional business. This service can provide that for you, and if you meet a designer there you work well with, you can choose to work with them directly. Building a relationship with a graphic designer can be key to having a brand identity that becomes a household name.
    9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape Marketing
  3. Crew: This service allows to access a huge community of design freelancers. Whatever your budget, there’s someone here who can create something you’ll love. Just place an advert telling them what you need, and you’ll get bids for the work. Pick the freelancer you want, and away you go.
    9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape Marketing

Text Content Creation

  1. Custom Writing Service: Writing regular blog posts is essential to getting readers, and keeping them. It can keep them abreast of everything that’s new in your industry, and you can update them on your latest lines, news, and offers. However, having the skill to write a successful blog post is another thing entirely. This writing service can create those posts for you with the topics and themes you give them, and send them back ready for publication.
    9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape Marketing
  2. Contently: Managing several different social media accounts can be difficult to do. This service allows you to create content and keep track of all your accounts in the same place, with little effort. Perfect for when you’re rushing to keep up with the latest trends online, or just trying to keep everything updated at once.
    9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape Marketing
  3. EssayRoo: A well-edited blog is a blog that will go far. You may well write your own content, after all, you know your product better than anyone else. Do you have the time to edit your own writing, though? Australian writing service EssayRoo will do it for you, sending you back grammatically perfect work, every time.

9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape Marketing

Video Content Creation

  1. Video Pixie: Looking for someone to create your video? Describe your vision on this site, and experienced videographers will bid to do the work for you. Select the best person for the job from the applicants you see, and you’ll be all set! You can even control the budget, and pay for the work through this site directly.
    9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape Marketing
  2. Smart Shoot: To show your business off at its best, you need a photographer that really understands you and your industry. This service aims to match you with someone can create the perfect business profile for you to use online, and attract customers to you. Use this service, and all your social media accounts can be unified, inviting, and professional looking.9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape Marketing
  3. Veed: An eye-catching, creative, and unique video is sure to catch the attention of potential customers online. This service matches you with videographers who share that vision with you, and who can create that video. They can even create ‘micro-content’, that will get your message out there without taking up your customers’ valuable time.

9 Tools To Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video - Duct Tape Marketing

Now that you have these nine tools to hand, you can outsource your content creation to some of the most capable people in the business. Have them handle your graphics, text content, and visual content, and you can get back to doing what you do best. Try them out and see for yourself.

Mary WaltonMary Walton is a professional editor from Santa Monica. She studied in Australia and traveled the world. Loves writing and e-learning. Find her recent rumblings at educational blog Simple Grad . Follow Mary on Twitter and Linkedin!