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4 Small Business Week iPad Giveaway from Duct Tape Marketing

I’m giving away an iPad a day during National Small Business Week – May 16-20. Read all about it here – Help Me Celebrate Small Business Week

You can find each day’s posts here

  • Monday with Tim Berry, Chris Brogan, Anita Campbell, Mitch Joel and Pam Slim
  • Tuesday with Ann Handley, Brian Clark, Brian Halligan, Janine Popick, and Joe Pulizzi
  • Wednesday with Jason Falls, Lee Odden, Lisa Barone, Rea Hoffman-Dolan, and Shama Kabani
  • Thursday with Bob Burg, Rohit Bhargava, Keith Ferrazzi, Joseph Jaffe, Sonia Simone, and David Meerman Scott
  • Friday with Jill Konrath, Jim Connolly, Mahan Khalsa, Michael Port, Michael Schultz, and Wendy Weiss

25 Help Me Celebrate National Small Business Week

Win a free iPad during National Small Business Week

I’m doing something just a tad kooky for National Small Business Week – May 16-20 (US) and I think you’ll find it very educational and kind of fun.

First off I’m giving away a free iPad each day during the week, that’s one a day for five days.

Now, here’s what I have planned: Starting on May 16th and continuing on each day through May 20th I will be posting five guest blog posts from five awesome bloggers each day. (Come back to ducttapemarketing.com/blog starting on Monday and each day the week to find the new content.)

These posts will be from folks you know and love like Copyblogger’s Brian Clark, Escape from Cubicle Nation’s Pam Slim, Palo Alto Software Founder Tim Berry, SNAP Selling’s Jill Konrath, The Go-Giver’s Bob Burg, Marketing Prof’s Ann Handley, Hubspot’s Brian Halligan, New Rules of PR and Marketing’s David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan, and SmallBizTrends Anita Campbell.

Twenty five guest post in all with five per day all around the topics listed below:

  • Monday May 16 – What is a Marketing Strategy and How Do I Get One?
  • Tuesday May 17 – Okay, I’m Creating Content How Do I Get Someone to Read
  • Wednesday May 18 – I Have a Website, What Else Should I be Doing Online?
  • Thursday May 19 – How Do I Get More Leads in the Top of the Funnel?
  • Friday May 20 – I Hate Selling, So Now How Do I Convert Leads?

But here’s the catch!

Each day’s blog posts will appear without identifying who wrote it. That’s right you’ll get to read five educational posts on a single topic, but you won’t know which of my superstar guests wrote the post.

The trick is that each day I’ll have a form that allows you to match the guest post with the guest writer. And each day I will randomly pick one winner from all the correct guesses to win an iPad.

So all you need to do is read the posts from each day and submit your guesses on the form provided to enter to win an iPad. (Everyone that completes this step will also be offered a marketing audit valued at $300). We’ll announce both the winner and who wrote what at the end of each day. You can check back each day to review a new set of posts.

In addition, I’ll be hosting a free live session:

How To Create a Marketing System for Consistent and Predictable Results

Wednesday, May 18th at Noon CT – click here to register
(We will offer an archive version to anyone that registers)

You can also check out updates and other great events going on around the country at our National Small Business Week page.

Some rules:
You can only win one iPad – but you can enter each day
Must be US resident (we can’t ship the iPad outside of the US)
Must provide valid email address on entry form – only so we can contact you if you win

17 Is Your Blog iPad Worthy?

ipadLots of folks these days are consuming things like blog content on their still shiny new iPads. App developers like Flipboard and big time publishers like Slate and Wired are taking advantage of the wide HD screen to create stunning visual displays and interaction.

This new look media is starting to make plain old blogs look a little flat by comparison. Want to see how your blog looks on the iPad (buy one for $600 or . . . ) visit iPad Peek and plug in your blog’s URL to see what it looks like to an iPad viewer.

Now, to be fair the 1024 wide iPad screen in horizon view frames most modern WordPress themes just fine, but it’s all that other flashy looking stuff and vertical finger scroll that’s missing.

Fortunately, there are some ready made solutions that you can tap now without shelling our design bucks (OK, I know for some bloggers $50 bucks is a serious deal, but these are all very reasonable.)

The resources below will give some to work with and cost between $29 and $49. In most cases the promoters are suggesting their themes as not only a good iPad version but a great web option as well and have to agree.

PadPressed – PadPressed is actually a theme built into a plugin so it can sense when an iPad shows up and deliver your theme and some iPad only functionality to your blog

WPTouch 2.0 Pro – To be fair the iPad update to this plugin is coming in a month or so in v2.1, but I’ve used the mobile version of this plugin for months. This is a very useful tool and I expect the iPad version to work equally as well.

Mobility WP – Good stuff from the folks at Themeforest looks pretty simple and has some flexibility in scheme

Pingable – Multiple style options and built in lightbox option makes it a nice choice from creative professionals showcasing work.

28 My Road Warrior Toolbox

My friend Guy Kawasaki wrote an article recently about the tools he relies on when he goes on the road. I seem to be doing that quite a bit myself these days so I took stock of the tools that I’ve come to rely on to get work done when I travel and thought I would share them with you – got any you care to share?

Southwest AirlinesSandisk 8GB USB Drive – This is just a great back-up tool, but I also carry portable a version of my Firefox browser that contains all my data such as bookmarks. This is incredibly handy if I even just want to jump on the hotel computer.

Vitorinox Swiss Army Luggage – Pretty much love everything from Swiss Army, but love the quality of the carry on luggage and bags.

Dropbox – This online file storage service works great and is very easy to integrate into my offline storage. This allows me to grab presentation files and view them on my iPad or send them to event organizers.

iPad – This has become my RSS reader and book reader of choice, but I also use it as a lightweight email tool and browsing and bookmarking tool. Of course, it still has coolness factor too.

Persol Sunglasses – Polarized crystal lens and the saleslady said James Bond wears them

Moleskin notebooks – most of my actual work is done digitally these days, but I still think best in analog. I jot pages of notes at 40,000 feet and love filling these little paper notebooks.

Belkin Tune Talk iPod Mic
– I can record in the field interviews on this stereo mic and save the recordings as high quality WAV files on any iPod.

Mophie Juice Pack Air – Doubles the life of the iPhone battery and acts as a case too

Travel Power Strip – Create your own power center with USB chargers for that one outlet in the airport. Good way to make some BFFs for sure.

Read and Review file – This one comes from David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. I chuck paper in this file all week and when I jump on a plane I’ve got contracts and reports and other interesting things I can finally get to.

Copies of Wired, Inc and Fast Company – I subscribe to a handful of print magazines but seem to save them for travel.

37 My iPad Adventure So Far

I broke down and bought Apple’s iPad device. Hey, I’ve some willpower, I waited until it had been on sale for a couple days.

ipadI’ll share a few quick thoughts about the device, not so much for the cool factor, but because I know a number of small biz folks are considering the purchase.

Here’s what I think

It’s not a laptop

I’m sure people at Apple made this clear in the marketing of the iPad, but I didn’t get it. The iPad is a great device to consume content and do a few chores at the coffee shop, but it does not compute. There’s no internal file storage, it’s not a good device to write, edit or design on. The characterizations of being a big iPhone are pretty accurate, but the display and ability to read much larger blocks of text, make it worth the price for me.

It’s a very cool presentation device

Sales people and anyone that makes presentations to small groups should jump all over this device. Add the Keynote app for the iPad and you’ve got the slickest demo machine on the planet. It’s lightweight, stunning and delivers stunning visuals. You can load your PowerPoint presentations to a folder in iTunes, sync, and open them in Keynote. For the moment I couldn’t figure out any way to pair the iPad with an iPhone to use an app like Keynote Remote as a remote control so the use of an iPad, even with the optional VGA adapter, is limited for using a projector, but look for this to happen soon.

I also use dropbox for online file storage and dropbox iPad app allows you to view must files you can use it to store files you want to show to a prospect of customer.

It puts pressure on the iPhone

Even the biggest Mac geeks don’t have much good to say about AT&Ts iPhone service. So, since the iPad does about everything the phone does, but make calls and take pictures, I’m hearing rumbles from iPhone devotees about ditching the phone for a device that does that function better. Should be interesting to see how Apple handles that. (Hello, Verizon calling!)

Amazon made a good move

The biggest device that took a hit in my world is the Kindle. I was an early adopter of the Kindle and still like reading better on the non backlit screen, but I can’t afford to keep it around in the bag. Amazon’s iPhone/iPad app allows me to bring my entire Amazon library now and into the future on to the iPad. iBook library is pretty thin at the moment so now I still get to dig into Amazon’s entire set. This is a brilliant move and I’m wondering if Apple will throw up some roadblocks when they actually get iBook built up a bit more.

General impression – I like it a lot and think there’s more to come, it’s kind of middleware, but I worth the money. Get the 64G wifi version and add the Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Hotspot so you can use the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook on the same network wherever you are. I don’t think there’s much reason to get the 3G version when you can do what I’ve described above and power up to 5 devices for the same money.

You’re views and app suggestions greatly appreciated!

Image credit: renatomitra