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12 Weekend Favs September Thirteen

buildingI’ve added a weekend post routine that I hope you enjoy. Each weekend I write a post that features 3-4 things I read during the week that I found interesting. Generally speaking it won’t involve much analysis and may range widely in topic. (Flickr image included here is also fav image of the week)


Good stuff I ran across this week

  • 100 Ways to Improve Your Blog – this article has some very common sense tips and some things you probably never thought of doing – great read.
  • Doodle – have you ever tried to get 3-4 people together for something? You exchange emails hoping to find an open date, right. With Doodle you can easily set-up a quick calendar and allow everyone to pick times that work and then get something scheduled. It has other uses, but I really like this one.
  • Goojet – this service allows you to create your own mobile web start-up page a bit like iGoogle or Pageflakes, but on your phone. You simply plug-in all your social services and start posting through this interface. PC, Mac and iPhone app available.

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18 The One Page Social Media Dashboard


(Click the image to see full size)

Over the weekend I wrote about the need to set-up various listening devices to keep track of what’s being said out there. One of my readers, Michael Leis, commented that he has set-up a one page dashboard type of set-up using Netvibes to avoid the inevitable tabalanche that occurs when you try to jump back and for to all kinds of sites. (Of course the paid services offer this kind of set-up, but if you’re doing on the cheap this is a nice touch.)

I quickly set something up on Netvibes (you could do this in iGoogle, MyYahoo, Pageflakes too) that would allow me to track various Google Alerts, twitter searches, boardtracker searches and backtype searches along with my own Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn activity. There are lots of pre-build widget for things like twitter, but pretty much anything with an RSS feed can be added to the page. Netvibes is easy to work with and this might be a nice way to keep it all front and center.

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