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13 Coding Is the New Business Bilingual

Many schools teach a second language as early as elementary school. Business travelers snap up copies of the latest course that promises to teach Japanese, Portuguese or Arabic in 30 days or less.

There are countless mobile apps, including the surprisingly useful Google translate, that can provide you with enough words and phrases to get fed and on the right train when abroad.

The fact is, however, there’s another kind of language that just might be far more important to learn. That language comes with names like Python, PHP, MySql, Java and C+. The new business bilingual is programming.

This TEDx Talk in the video above from 12-yr old app developer Thomas Suarez points to a new generation that’s taking an interest in coding what they interact with online, but make no mistake, this skill, or at least a working knowledge of some aspect of coding will become a foundational element of success from this point forward.

Programming apps and websites is no longer the turf of those geeks in IT, it’s a skill that better show up on your resume and in your problem solving toolkit in the next brainstorming session. It’s a skill that business owners need to understand in order to possess the necessary insight to move their business forward.

There are countless books, courses, and services popping up every day to rush in and fill the massive demand for even the most basic understand of the web’s most important languages.

While you will still likely hire experts to do things like build apps and create online databases, it’s time to make 2012 the year you become fluent in the new language of business.

Below are a few resources that I would recommend to help you get started.





More tutorial sources

9 5 Collaboration Tools Demonstrate How the Future Web Will Act

TalkWheelThe ability to collaborate with individuals and groups around the world is one of the greatest gifts offered by the new breed of online tool. These tools, and perhaps the web in general, are evolving to become more interactive and feature rich.

With the eventual adoption of HTML5 and its heavy support for AJAX, web pages are quickly becoming web applications in a foreshadowing of the next standard for web sites. Take note of these new tools as they will usher in the expectation that all sites begin to function instead of merely house information.

Below are 5 new breed collaboration tools making heavy use of HMTL5.

Groupzap – This one wins the coolness award in my book, but offers a really powerful set of tools for instant collaboration and brainstorming meetings and white boards on the fly. Marry it with Skype and you have a no cost tool that is hard to beat. You can drag files into the space, document with notes and save the entire session as a PDF. Nobody has to register you just send out a link via IM or email.

Microsoft Office Web Apps – (okay, this one probably doesn’t use HTML5 as IE doesn’t add support for it until IE9, but it still fits the new breed label) – Using the Office Web Apps and SkyDrive you can open a document with a group of people and  co-author and edit in real time with the entire group participating, making changes and viewing the changes live.

Google + Hangouts – One of the most talked about features of the much talked about Google + is Hangouts – a video chat function that allows you to invite or simply host an on the fly group video meeting. (There is now a Facebook plug in that mirrors this and you can add a Group Meeting plug in to your own WordPress blog)

TalkWheel – TalkWheel is an instant messaging platform that works more like a roundtable discussion than the linier stack of the typical IM. It actually create a visual representation of the conversations and filters and relates topics. Looks like a very cool way to keep track of conversations from around the web and I can see lots of focus group and brainstorming uses with its visual presentation.

Vokle – I’m probably stretching how some might view collaboration with this one, but I just love what you can do with Vokle. Vokle is actually a live streaming video platform, but it makes it very easy to have two people present or invite virtual guests to create a talk show kind of feel. You can also share a computer screen as the guest to flip back and forth from live presenter to slides or images. The entire stream can be recorded for future playback as well.