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50 Dayparting Twitter

broadcasting twitterI thought I would start off the week with what for some will be a controversial topic.

As twitter has grown in popularity the ways that businesses and brands use the service has naturally evolved.

While twitter is widely considered a tremendous tool for one to one engagement, relationship building and networking, it is also showing interesting opportunities for broadcast tactics. I know that the very mention of this conjures up talk of spam, but I don’t mean broadcasting the “hi, click here, no value added” method. Some might disagree with this use, but I am seeing evidence of organizations successfully using twitter to promote and broadcast content, events, campaigns and launches in ways that followers find valuable.

There certainly are ways to do this poorly and simply add noise, but there are ways to do it well and add value. Guy Kawasaki may be one of the more famous twitter broadcasters pumping out tweets all day that point to interesting and useful content around the web. Some folks suggest this is a vulgar use of the tool while last count showed that over 125,000 followers seem to think it’s a valuable use.

The broadcast model also presents an interesting question for me. In my own little unscientific way, I’ve noticed that most responses and retweets to my content happen immediately. The way that people read or interact with twitter is a bit like a flowing river – people address the content that floats by at the moment they happen to be reading. Now, I know that some people follow small groups of people and may read their tweet stream more like a magazine, but for the most part, people check in and read what’s going on right now.

So, what this might suggest is that maximizing exposure for content requires reposting your tweets several times a day in an effort to catch the morning drive time, lunch surfers, and evening after the kids are in bed tweeters, very much like a radio or TV broadcast buy might include different dayparts. One might suggest that followers would grow weary of repeating content, but I don’t think many of same followers would actually encounter the repetition due to the way that content on twitter is consumed by the masses.

Purists might object to this notion, but it’s certainly food for thought and exploration.

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7 Join Guy Kawasaki, David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan and Me

On May 6th at 9am PDT I will be joined by Guy Kawasaki, author of Art of the Start, Chris Brogan of and David Meerman Scott, author of World Wide Rave to discuss taking your brand online. This is the fourth in a series of five webinars brought to you by HP, creators of MarketSplash and the Creative Studio – online tools to make your marketing simple, professional and affordable.

guy kawasakidavid meerman scottchris brogan

I’ll be asking this all-star panel to cover many of the strategies and tactics that small business owners need to consider and tap on the way to creating a total web presence.

In today’s rapidly evolving world of marketing, few things are more important than being found online when and where your prospects are looking

For most small businesses a website is an acknowledged part of being in business, but it’s not enough.

In this session we will dive into

  • Ways to create and spread content that gets read and found,
  • How to take advantage of local and social search
  • How to make online PR work for your business
  • Optimizing online brand assets such as social profiles
  • Social networks and other online marketing outposts
  • Monitoring and measuring your brand online

This is a rare opportunity to hear from some of best and brightest online. We’ll keep it fast moving, cover lots of practical tips, and reveal all of our favorite online tools- come ready to take a ton of notes. We’ll be taking questions live too, so start thinking about what you might like to ask Chris, David, Guy and me.

Register for the free event here and receive reminders as well as a link to the recorded archive.

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