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5 Talking About Money, Marketing and Other Stuff

I wrote a guest post for Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends site titled – What’s Money Got To Do With It. The post explores the idea that too many small business owners don’t place enough value on what they do to charge what it’s worth. The post drew some pretty strong reactions – go check it out and add your two cents.

Speaking of guest writing – I am contributing content and community involvement for the newly launched Business Exchange Community hosted by Business Week. It’s a community all about content and building out niche topic areas. Anyone can join, build a profile, and suggest topics. I’ve been busy working on the Small Business Marketing topic area.

I think it’s a great place to read and catch up on some content you may have otherwise missed but I think there are also some opportunities for exposure and traffic for those who get in there and start and curate a topic area.

And don’t forget to check out the great post over on the Digital Nomads site. I am finding some great tips for doing things on the road both from the contributors and the comments made from readers. I mean who knew that Microsoft Live Search Mobile had speech recognition, category lookup and GPS tracking. My post this week focused on Navigating Your World When On the Go

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3 Yes But Would You Pay For It?

I think the true test of many of the Web2.0 offerings out there is whether or not somebody would pay up a little cash for a service that is or was free.

For some I use I would say no, others maybe, Jott – I just did. Jott came out of beta recently with a host of new features – including two pay options. I use and love the tool so much I’m now willing to pay for. That’s a pretty big compliment because once something is free, it’s tough to move to a paid model.

My favorite new feature is a software called Jott Express that has become my daily to-do list manager. It sits on my desktop and syncs with Jott messages I give it for projects.

Here’s an overview I Jott I posted on the Digital Nomads site

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