Small Business Ownership :: Is It a Noble Calling?

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So, three young guys walk into Starbucks, and one of the guys is practically jumping up down enthusiastically telling the others something seemingly urgent.

When they finally come into earshot I realize that the animated one is trying, passionately, to convince the other two to start their own business.

Part of logic went like this: Business ownership is one of the best ways to positively impact a great amount of people.

Wow – How often do we remember that? What you are doing (if you own a business, I’m talking to you – if not, listen anyway) is a high calling. I wonder how often we treat it as such? I wonder if we’ve forgotten to trust that the service of product we put out into the world has the ability to transform lives. I wonder if we still consider the positive impact our places of business have for the people who call it their job?

Do we still reach way up there and turn on the light. And do we let that light shine through our business as an example for the 2 million plus start-ups that will come on line this year.

It’s pretty easy to grow cynical the longer you have been in business. I’m not always full of this light I talk about but boy, it is where the fun in this thing is.

Tell me your story – what keeps you enthused about your business? What’s your noble cause all about? Have you ever considered that?


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