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Dan Gershenson

Dan GershensonCaliber Brand Strategy + Content Marketing

My clients are a Marketing Department of One. They may be within a company of 300 people or a single consultant. They have all the passion in the world for making change for their brand and deserve the highest quality of help to reach their goals. There’s just one problem: They have no time and no internal resources. Where’s the help? Most large agencies are too expensive. Most employees can’t convey the brand properly to an outside world that demands language in compelling and persuasive English rather than industry jargon. Meanwhile, they still have a complex sale to make here. Hmm. If only there was a highly experienced yet reasonably priced secret weapon who could work behind the scenes to give them, the Marketing Department Of One, the kind of content that their audience craves, where they crave it most. So they’d look like heroes to their clients wanting clarity and to those within their organization. Actually, there is such a remarkably ideal specialist. The best solution at the intersection of custom brand strategy and superior content? You’re looking at it. Let’s tell a better story.

Ray Perry

Ray PerryAtlanta Marketing Consultant - MarketBlazer

MarketBlazer is a technology based marketing agency specializing in lead generation and lead management. As marketing technologists we combine a proven marketing process and strong technology background with the latest in internet, social media and mobile marketing tactics to develop solid long-term marketing strategies for our clients. Our goal with marketing is simple and straight forward; we help our clients’ business thrive.

As a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, we help our clients develop marketing strategies to find prospects that have a need for their products and services, and engage those prospects to know, like, and trust our clients, becoming long-term customers. This can further result in these new customers referring our clients’ to other potential customers with the same need or problem.

MarketBlazer delivers exceptional quality and service to our clients. Our environment is creative, challenging, respectful and innovative. The contribution to the success of our clients is what gives MarketBlazer its strength and leading-edge position in its marketplace. MarketBlazer is led by Ray L. Perry, Chief Marketing Officer, a high-technology marketing executive and online marketing consultant.

Contact MarketBlazer by phone at 770-893-2443, by email at or learn more at

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Phil Singleton

I have a unique background for an SEO-focused web developer. I have an BS in Finance and an MBA in International Business. Prior to starting a boutique web development and Internet marketing agency, I ran a consumer software company based in Taipei, Taiwan. In short, my experience in Asia as a small business owner exposed me to the power of search engine optimization.

The sole mission in my professional life is to create SEO-powered websites from the ground up and help my clients and partners achieve maximum Internet and search engine visibility. I also have a unique ability to rescue websites from re-design and search engine penalties, as well as creating new SEO friendly websites powered by ethical and sustainable SEO strategies.

Justin Sturges

Justin Sturges

Duct Tape Marketing Regional Director & Master Consultant. 

We help small businesses solve the growth equation with smart marketing. We do this with a unique blend of strategic consulting and tactical expertise. With 17 years experience in online marketing, we have the skills required to make our efforts a success. Following the proven Duct Tape Marketing system, we’ll research your market, define the right strategy, then create a highly effective marketing system for your business.

Being internet marketing experts, we’ll help create a marketing platform that delivers results. We know technology, and we know it can be confusing. This is why we embrace the challenge to combine creativity and simplicity in each and every solution. This saves our clients time and money while providing optimal results.

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Dan Kraus

Dan KrausLeading Results

Leading Results specializes in helping businesses stop wasting money on marketing. Budgets are tight and marketing is changing- rapidly. Yesterday’s approach doesn’t seem to be working anymore. We’ve been on both sides of this issue. We’ve managed huge budgets, and we’ve managed to get better results from much smaller budgets- because we had to.

The need for professional marketing people has never been greater than in today’s markets where you can’t afford to make many mistakes. But for many businesses, the cost of a full time, dedicated professional is too high. This is why we formed Leading Results – to help business owners make the most of your marketing dollars through structured marketing, training and fractional executive marketing management.

The businesses that enjoy the best success in working with us know they deliver exceptional products or customer experience, but they are challenged in getting this message into the market place in an affordable and effective manner.

We work with clients either as part of their management team, taking on the role of Vice President of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer, or we work as a coach/mentor/consultant to the organization. Doing this creates predictable, down to earth, real marketing results. We utilize the Duct Tape Marketing tools and methodology in all our client work, and the result is a systematic marketing plan that includes strategy, tactics and planned results that your staff can execute.

Whether you need to find new business, or better capitalize on the core group of customers and assets you already have, our work with you will help you express the true passion you have for the business and allow you to stop having your company be one those “best kept secrets”.

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Karin Kraska

Karin KraskaForlight Marketing

In some ways, marketing has become more complicated and mysterious (what? no more yellow pages?), in other ways it has become way more accessible and straightforward (hello social media!). You don’t need an MBA to build effective marketing for your business…you just need the right people on your side. At Forlight Marketing, our mission is to combine our extensive marketing experience, deep understanding of human behavior, and the unparalleled support from the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network into a simple, straightforward, and predictable marketing plan that gets results for your business. The benefits of working with Forlight Marketing:

  • Knowing exactly where to put your time, money and energy to get predictable marketing results
  • Attracting more clients without added work and frustration
  • Receiving rave reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate your products and services
  • Enjoying profitable business that grows, expands and becomes even more successful over time

Dean Heasley

Dean Heasley

Nashville Marketing Systems

We install and manage both custom and packaged marketing systems designed to attract your ideal customers. Dean has been in marketing and sales for over a decade. We serve clients all over the United States.

Craig McBreen

Craig McBreenMcBreen Marketing

Communicating your brand is a combination of ideas, messages and visuals. We help you get these big three working in harmony to reach the audience just waiting for what you have to offer. We want to help your business thrive. And that takes more than just a pretty website. Websites that get results—and all good marketing materials for that matter—are born of solid strategy, creative execution, and effective promotion. Our Clarify, Attract, Grow framework offers all that, starting with a thorough understanding and clear communication of your company and its value to your target market. We work with brands that want more than simply good design. We help companies find and express their brand voice, pinpoint the right strategy to reach their best customers, and navigate the sometimes daunting world of digital marketing. Our process is designed to help you build your unique brand and create the marketing momentum to support it. The process is pretty painless (some would even say fun). And collaborative all the way.

Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer KellyNew Initiatives Marketing

I’m the ‘get it done gal’ in marketing. I’m the planner, the implementer – and focused on the execution of your marketing strategy. New Initiatives Marketing continues to work where the visionary or the strategist left off. They’ve announced the way forward, the big idea and the opportunity. Now everyone is on board. To prevent this idea from being left as just that, we make sure the marketing strategy is linked to continuous action to make it happen. Think of us as your marketing quarterback. Part project manager, part executive producer, and part marketing generalist all focused on making the play win for you. We excel with marketing project/team management: (virtual, global & matrix/cross functional teams). Our industry experience includes: international B2B, technology, telecommunications, mobile, consulting services, publishing, education, e-commerce.

Chad Anderson

Chad AndersonNew Harvest Media Inc.

Small business owners want to do MORE business, and to do business BETTER, but often end up frustrated by uncoordinated advertising and marketing decisions that don’t really drive the business forward. Don’t get sucked into the whirlwind of aimless advertising – when a unified marketing plan built on a proven system will take you so much further. When you focus your marketing energy in one direction, the whirlwind becomes a jet engine, and your business is ready for take-off. With his 15 years of design and online marketing experience, Chad Anderson and his team at New Harvest Media Inc. want to help make your marketing truly effective, using the tried-and-true Duct Tape Marketing System. (And as a free gift, Chad includes a rich and colourful sprinkling of delicious metaphors involving whirlwinds, jet engines – and sprinkles – because improving your business really should be fun.)