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Will Watrous

Will Watrous

It’s time to grow your business! It’s time to remove the confusion, hassle, and mad stabs in the dark with “what might work”. It’s time to create a unified, momentum-building, synergistic, and persuasive marketing plan that will increase sales and profits. StructureM will help you develop and execute a marketing strategy that will bring your business to the next level of growth.

Brad Tornberg

Brad TornbergBrad Tornberg Logo

We help small businesses to differentiate from competition and get more customers by installing a systematic and structured marketing machine that generates predictable results.

Through working sessions, a consultant works together with the company to develop each and every marketing challenge.

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Jody Gouge

Jody GougevisionPATH Business Solutions

Our team assists small businesses in 3 critical areas. Those areas are 1) Planning: Develop a dynamic business success blueprint; 2) Marketing: Build a comprehensive marketing system that acquires and retains clients; and 3) Financing: Secure the funds necessary to achieve business goals. We call this our “one-stop-shop” for the most important elements to every small business.

Ray Perry

Ray PerryAtlanta Marketing Consultant - MarketBlazer

MarketBlazer is a technology based marketing agency specializing in lead generation and lead management. As marketing technologists we combine a proven marketing process and strong technology background with the latest in internet, social media and mobile marketing tactics to develop solid long-term marketing strategies for our clients. Our goal with marketing is simple and straight forward; we help our clients’ business thrive.

As a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, we help our clients develop marketing strategies to find prospects that have a need for their products and services, and engage those prospects to know, like, and trust our clients, becoming long-term customers. This can further result in these new customers referring our clients’ to other potential customers with the same need or problem.

MarketBlazer delivers exceptional quality and service to our clients. Our environment is creative, challenging, respectful and innovative. The contribution to the success of our clients is what gives MarketBlazer its strength and leading-edge position in its marketplace. MarketBlazer is led by Ray L. Perry, Chief Marketing Officer, a high-technology marketing executive and online marketing consultant.

Contact MarketBlazer by phone at 770-893-2443, by email at or learn more at

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Varju Luceno

Varju Lucenojclogo

Are you a small business owner without an in-house marketing department? Are you not keeping up with new technologies and rapid changes of the New Network Economy? Is your small business still creating value for your customers and making a difference?

We will inspire you to analyze and rethink your marketing efforts. If you stop improving yourself and your business, your company gets left behind and becomes history.

Our partnership will give you peace of mind as we take care of the details and keep your small business marketing projects on track.

Your company will be better prepared to maximize its potential.

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Kelly Weppler

Kelly Weppler-HernandezKelly Weppler-Hernandez Logo

Kelly’s success is a result of developing deeper customer relationships in both the corporate environment and small business, and this simply builds upon the concept of getting prospects to know, like, and trust you.

At WH & Associates, we help clients create a marketing system to nurture and develop relationships that turn prospects into customers and customers into referral champions. Our expertise includes:

• Marketing Strategy and Execution • Lead Generation and Nurturing • Client Retention and Customer Relationship Development

With a clearly defined marketing process, you’ll differentiate from your competition and stay top of mind with both prospects and existing clients. If you’re interested in learning how to grow your business with a systematic approach, contact us for a complimentary consultation. We’d love to hear your story and help you live your dream.

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Justin Sturges

Justin Sturges

Duct Tape Marketing Regional Director & Master Consultant. 

We help small businesses solve the growth equation with smart marketing. We do this with a unique blend of strategic consulting and tactical expertise. With 17 years experience in online marketing, we have the skills required to make our efforts a success. Following the proven Duct Tape Marketing system, we’ll research your market, define the right strategy, then create a highly effective marketing system for your business.

Being internet marketing experts, we’ll help create a marketing platform that delivers results. We know technology, and we know it can be confusing. This is why we embrace the challenge to combine creativity and simplicity in each and every solution. This saves our clients time and money while providing optimal results.

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Ann Gusiff

Ann GusiffAnn Gusiff Logo

Gusiff Marketing is led by Ann Gusiff, whose passion is to help contractors, remodelers and architects grow and thrive by focusing on marketing strategy before tactics.

Ann considers herself a “Marketing General Contractor” because, much like a general contractor overseeing a home remodel, she guides the entire process of a company’s marketing, from strategy and planning to implementation and measuring results. She brings in and manages subcontractors to handle specialized marketing tactics and alleviates owners’ headaches by keeping an eye on all aspects of her clients’ marketing.

Photography has always been a passion of Ann’s since her days traveling to China during college. Recently, her attention has been focused on 360-degree photography. As a Google Trusted Photographer, Ann has posted more than 100 photos that have more than 75,000 views.

Ann has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurial studies from UCLA Anderson. Gusiff Marketing works with businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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Karin Kraska

Karin KraskaForlight Marketing

In some ways, marketing has become more complicated and mysterious (what? no more yellow pages?), in other ways it has become way more accessible and straightforward (hello social media!). You don’t need an MBA to build effective marketing for your business…you just need the right people on your side. At Forlight Marketing, our mission is to combine our extensive marketing experience, deep understanding of human behavior, and the unparalleled support from the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network into a simple, straightforward, and predictable marketing plan that gets results for your business. The benefits of working with Forlight Marketing:

  • Knowing exactly where to put your time, money and energy to get predictable marketing results
  • Attracting more clients without added work and frustration
  • Receiving rave reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate your products and services
  • Enjoying profitable business that grows, expands and becomes even more successful over time

Dan Gershenson

Dan GershensonCaliber Brand Strategy + Content Marketing

My clients are a Marketing Department of One. They may be within a company of 300 people or a single consultant. They have all the passion in the world for making change for their brand and deserve the highest quality of help to reach their goals. There’s just one problem: They have no time and no internal resources. Where’s the help? Most large agencies are too expensive. Most employees can’t convey the brand properly to an outside world that demands language in compelling and persuasive English rather than industry jargon. Meanwhile, they still have a complex sale to make here. Hmm. If only there was a highly experienced yet reasonably priced secret weapon who could work behind the scenes to give them, the Marketing Department Of One, the kind of content that their audience craves, where they crave it most. So they’d look like heroes to their clients wanting clarity and to those within their organization. Actually, there is such a remarkably ideal specialist. The best solution at the intersection of custom brand strategy and superior content? You’re looking at it. Let’s tell a better story.