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Clay Toma







Marketing Techs provides full-service marketing solutions and website design and development to small businesses. We always start with a strategy first approach before tactics, which allows us to build a good foundation for all of your marketing moving forward. We take pride in the fact that we will never offer a cookie-cutter one size fits all marketing package. Instead, we will work hard to build a marketing solution that works best for you.

Diane Rutledge







Brand Transform, Inc. provides creative brand strategies solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, agencies and entrepreneurs in a strategic and encouraging environment.

We start with our unique creative approach that gives you step-by-step processes so that you can easily build a brand that attracts your ideal client. Creating compelling marketing and brand strategies to grow you business. From the logo and brand identity to building an online presence, we work with you successfully build an authentic brand.

Daniel Fayette







I am a videographer meets marketing consultant hybrid!

How did this become my life? I filmed my first video with my mom’s “soccer-mom” camera in junior high and had so much fun that I decided to go to school for it. A Bachelor’s Degree in Video Production and Master’s Degree in Digital Storytelling later, I joined the Duct Tape Consultant Network to better understand the role of video in marketing.

Now, I create cinematic videos for small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs that drive attention to their brand, while also creating the marketing strategy to better direct the attention.

Nicholas Warrilow





At The Lead Flow Pro, we specialize in supporting small to medium-sized local businesses to grow presence and generate more leads.
Although we are based in Columbus, Ohio, we maximize online marketing and SEO for businesses across the United States.

Andrea Shukis





With so much competition in your local market today, EVERY business is under pressure to stand out.

At Vivant Marketing we specialize in strategic solutions for the residential building and remodeling industry. We’re a marketing resource for companies that do not have a marketing team in-house, or do but need additional expertise and help.

We’ll work with you to create a marketing system that achieves your goals and fits within your budget. And because we’re a one-stop marketing shop, we can handle all your marketing needs, not just your website.

We help companies like yours generate more qualified leads to win more customers and stay ahead of your competition. Let’s chat!


Sam Harding

Intent Sales And Marketing helps small to mid-size businesses design and implement a growth strategy specific to their business. As part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network, our team works with you to understand your current product or service, business systems, efforts, sales process, competition and customers to develop a straightforward and predictable marketing plan that helps your team engage and retain more ideal clients.

Your customized plan will help your business grow quickly and affordably producing consistent results with options on how we implement to make the most effective use of your budget and time. We can be your coach and assist your team in implementing your plan, or our team will serve as your marketing department and implement the plan for you, or somewhere in between may be best for your budget.

I’ve worked in Sales And Marketing Firms for over 25 years helping my clients analyze, design and implement major programs that helped them gain a deeper understanding of their markets and optimize their business. Together we can analyze your current business process and build a marketing strategy that is right for your business. Visit our website listed below for more information.

Michael Mirau

We are a business coaching and consulting organization that works with middle market firms to help them scale their business. Our proven process creates organizational discipline to plan, execute, and achieve their organizational objectives. With over 100 years of business experience, we bring the tools, methodology, and process to accomplish the task.

Steve Clark







We help ordinary small business owners implement effective sales and marketing systems that turn their businesses into money making machines. Our agency specializes in online and offline done-for-you lead generation, sales conversion, web development, sales process reengineering and turning new customers, clients or patients into referral engines. Client companies include lawn care, distribution, light manufacturing, commercial insurance, commercial real estate, personal services such as accounting and law, as well as, consultants and coaches. Our clients, just like you, realize that the best use of their time and money is to work on what they know best – their business. They did not get in business to become a digital or direct response marketing expert. They fully understand the concept of delegate everything you are not uniquely gifted to do. Just like you wouldn’t operate on yourself with a Swiss Army knife, it makes no sense to try and do your marketing either.

David Fox







I work with service businesses that want more leads, phone calls and sales opportunities from marketing. With more than two decades of experience in marketing, sales appointment setting, and business ownership, I focus on the two things that matter most – increasing revenue and profit.

My process starts with strategy. Once we have a solid plan and any issues are fixed, I implement and manage a custom marketing system designed to attract ideal customers, so my clients can focus on growing the business, while I focus on making the phone ring.

I provide marketing services for a set month-to-month fee, or on a fee-for-success basis, where the client pays only the campaign costs and my fees are 100% based on the results I deliver. This unique fee structure gives my clients peace of mind knowing I am committed to their success and will deliver leads, not just soft wins that rarely turn into sales opportunities. When clients ask me how I can take this kind of risk, I tell them I’m confident in the Duct Tape Marketing system and in my ability to get results – so it’s not much of a risk!

Jasmine Holmes







Most of our team are small business owners and grew up in family owned small businesses. We’ve seen, from both perspectives, how hard it can be being a small business. Our company was founded from a desire to make it easier for you to focus on the things that you are most passionate about.

We’re not afraid to have the hard conversations and are often talking with clients about aspects of their businesses far beyond marketing campaigns. Our ability to see the big picture helps us to maximize results within limited budgets. We passionately believe in the power of small business and love working with you to create lasting success.

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