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Cassia Spurlock

Cassia Spurlock First Call - Digital Agency







We’re an all-in-one solution to your digital agency needs. There is no one giant step. We have a milestone-based approach that simplifies the digital marketing process.

You’ve found it! You’ve found the web partner that helps you with those difficult marketing problems. Whether you’re a company that has an established marketing team and needs a fool-proof strategy to keep you on task, or you’re a small business that doesn’t know if your current efforts are making a difference, we’re your solution.

Pablo and Jenny Prahl

Pablo PrahlA&G Marketing





We are a marketing agency that focus on offline marketing, we help client and other agencies, with print collateral campaigns, packaging, tradeshow marketing and branded merchandising.

Alfonso Lavergne

Alfonso LavergneDigital Chif







I help companies grow their businesses with a simple formula:

Develop your digital presence so that it is functional to your objectives, efficient in the use of resources, and tremendously effective.

Life is unpredictable, but your marketing shouldn’t be.

Adam Kendrick

Adam Kendrick Protection Advertising LLC






I have a unique background in lead generation with Google ads. I have a BA in business and a masters in Marketing. For the last decade I have been studying lead generation for service businesses. During this time I have developed in expertise in Google Ads.

My goal is to make my clients phone ring and help them scale their service business. My agency is called Protection Advertising because I make it my mission to offer quality Google ads service while protecting my clients from making costly Google Ads mistakes.

Clark Vautier

Clark VautierClark Vautier Consulting







As a marketing consultant, strategic advisor and mountaineer I’ve helped CEOs, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and founder-led teams, get systematized to grow and scale with more peace of mind. You’ve achieved market fit and sales momentum, but:

1. Are you focused on highest value activities?
2. Do you have an effective dashboard for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assist in decision-making?
3. Do you delegate effectively?
4. Have you determined the right systems you need for scaling?

I get all your marketing pieces moving in the right direction so that you win the game.

Patty K

Patty K






Build your reputation as a trusted advisor with high quality thought leadership marketing

I specialize in working with business coaches, consultants, advisors to help them design and implement a marketing strategy centred on the substance of their work.

Taking a thought leadership approach to marketing can:

– Shorten sales cycles and bring you qualified, ready-to-buy prospects
– Increase your profile and reputation leading to more opportunities (for clients, partnerships, speaking and interviews)
– Make your prospecting and networking more effective by providing your prospects with compelling information about you and your services so that they can “check you out” (and be impressed!) before agreeing to a meeting
– Smooth out feast and famine cycles with always-on automated drip systems and regularly published content that continues to market for you – even when you are swamped with clients and projects

Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds - ZephyrZephyr Logo






Snappy Websites & Tech-forward Marketing for Fee-only RIAs.

You juggle a lot as an independent fee-only RIA. Investments, planning, client service, compliance, and more. And you need to reach new clients at the same time. Don’t let marketing bog you down. Get a clear plan, a beautiful website, and marketing support to help you scale your practice.

Joel O’Brien

Joel O'Brien GreatBiz MediaGreatBiz Media logo






Marketing that meets you where you want your business to go by providing strategy that gives confidence and clarity to reach your goals.

Our perspective on marketing puts an emphasis on strategy – the plan of action to achieve your overall goals. In fact, we believe in strategy so much, we won’t even start implementing tactics with your business until we have completed a Strategy First engagement.

We have found that many small business owners lack the time, energy, or expertise to dive into the details of SEO, paid advertising, or nurturing the complete customer journey. These marketing tactics get thrown into the mix haphazardly or get left out altogether. We ensure that digital marketing is not an afterthought – that each piece ties back into the overarching strategy.

Once the foundation is set with a Strategy First engagement, we’re off to the races on your completely individualized marketing implementation calendar. Book a free consultation today to see how we can help your business.

Stu Swineford

Stu Swineford







We create conversion-focused marketing solutions for purpose-focused businesses. Our commitment to “Purposeful Design” is built into our ethos, as is our pledge to purposeful living through environmental stewardship.

You’ve always been a go-getter. And thus far, you’ve been able to handle your organizations’ marketing on your own. But something’s missing. Predictable revenue and stakeholder engagement.

All the work you have been doing simply isn’t building the relationships and opportunities you need to keep your organization moving forward leaving you feeling SUPER frustrated and powerless. You often wonder, “Is all this effort even worth it?”

We get it. At Relish, we believe every organization should be able to thrive through marketing. We understand the frustration experienced when your efforts aren’t connecting.

That’s why we create online campaigns that help you cut through the noise and inspire your audience to take action. Imagine the relief you’ll feel when your marketing is working for you.

Ready to make your organization thrive?

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