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Brad Davis





We love working with local, independent restaurateurs to help grow their businesses by implementing a simple, effective and affordable marketing system, proven to work in even the most competitive local markets. After spending a decade owning and operating multiple restaurants, our owner and founder, Brad Davis understands the challenges local restaurant owners face each and every day.

He knows how to work within your time and budget limitations and uses his first-hand knowledge and experience to quickly and easily implement a successful marketing system in your restaurant. His unique combination of professional experience gives him an advantage over most marketers today who simply don’t understand the day to day challenges restaurant owners face.

His hands-on experience in this industry has also given him the intimate knowledge of the restaurant customer and therefore an innate ability to market and message effectively to them. No matter where you are with your marketing, Brad can help ensure you have a solid foundation from which to successfully grow your restaurant by using a simple, effective and affordable marketing system.

Sam Harding

Intent Sales And Marketing helps small to mid-size businesses design and implement a growth strategy specific to their business. As part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network, our team works with you to understand your current product or service, business systems, efforts, sales process, competition and customers to develop a straightforward and predictable marketing plan that helps your team engage and retain more ideal clients.

Your customized plan will help your business grow quickly and affordably producing consistent results with options on how we implement to make the most effective use of your budget and time. We can be your coach and assist your team in implementing your plan, or our team will serve as your marketing department and implement the plan for you, or somewhere in between may be best for your budget.

I’ve worked in Sales And Marketing Firms for over 25 years helping my clients analyze, design and implement major programs that helped them gain a deeper understanding of their markets and optimize their business. Together we can analyze your current business process and build a marketing strategy that is right for your business. Visit our website listed below for more information.

Steve Clark







We help ordinary small business owners implement effective sales and marketing systems that turn their businesses into money making machines. Our agency specializes in online and offline done-for-you lead generation, sales conversion, web development, sales process reengineering and turning new customers, clients or patients into referral engines. Client companies include lawn care, distribution, light manufacturing, commercial insurance, commercial real estate, personal services such as accounting and law, as well as, consultants and coaches. Our clients, just like you, realize that the best use of their time and money is to work on what they know best – their business. They did not get in business to become a digital or direct response marketing expert. They fully understand the concept of delegate everything you are not uniquely gifted to do. Just like you wouldn’t operate on yourself with a Swiss Army knife, it makes no sense to try and do your marketing either.

Brigitte Lyons






We help CEOs and thought leaders build their reputation by leveraging the press and podcasts where you can get known for the great work you do and have meaningful conversations in the media your audience knows, likes and trusts.

Myrna Schommer





Marketing can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to get done on a limited budget, with not enough time and fewer resources. In an age of information overload and ever-increasing channels, tools and technologies, it’s easy to get lost and frustrated.

I started Artessa Marketing because I don’t think telling your brand story and sharing your products and services should be so hard or complicated. Sales and marketing can be powerful, scalable and sustainable.

We know that, for small to mid-sized business owners, every dollar counts. Which is why we believe that your business deserves bigger thinking and a simple, straightforward plan that gets predictable results every time. Artessa Marketing creates marketing systems — not just tactics — tailored for your audience and offering, so you talk to the right people, get more leads and win more customers.

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in diverse industries, such as logistics, energy, non-profit, construction, manufacturing, food, agriculture, healthcare and real estate. That experience means we quickly understand your business to deliver solutions that resonate with ideal prospects and customers.

Think of us as an extension of your company. Build a brand. Drive leads and growth. Connect with your ideal customers.

Schedule a call or visit our website

Thomas Hess






Many online marketing companies have promised you niche tactics and get-rich-quick results. They all have a different approach, often conflicting. It’s difficult if not impossible to understand what is the right approach.

Marketing is a System that works if you work the system. You know that handling your finances and your HR management requires a very structured approach, so why would marketing be different? Only seamlessly integrated marketing tactics can drive breakthrough marketing results.

When you work with us you will have a measurable online marketing strategy to reach your target audience, engage with them in a personalized way, and convert them to loyal customers. All marketing efforts are integrated into a system and executed in line with the strategy.

The results are clear from the regular reporting on Key Performance Indicators that we have agreed on from time to time. You will have a measurable return on your marketing investment, at a lower cost than hiring a marketing manager or marketing team.

Michael Britton





I have 31 years of experiences in the health care equipment and services industry. From developing marketing strategies, to improving customer service, to optimizing sales processes, to promoting cultural change, I have always enjoyed collaborating across organizations and leading teams to creatively transform critical business challenges into opportunities.

Now, I enjoy applying the many valuable lessons acquired over the years to help small and medium business owners achieve their goals. In addition to being a certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Lean trained and 6 sigma certified, my personal toolkit is filled with an array of tools for strategy, planning, and execution across a wide range of business challenges confronting small and medium business owners.

Laura Lorenz






Lots of marketers build marketing plans based on tactics like search engine optimization, social media push, email and many others. They recommend the newest marketing trend of the day. This leaves their clients discouraged and doesn’t get results. Together we begin by building an in-depth strategy. This strategy is all about understanding your market, being able to articulate your unique difference and measuring the results of your efforts. It’s all about making sure that your ideal target client gets to Know, Like and Trust you. From there the goal is to get them to Try and Buy from you and then move to Repeat buys and Referrals. This strategy is about growing your business over time.

Without going through this, your marketing will not work!

Loraine Kasprzak






Do you…
struggle to connect to your B2B customers and think they don’t recognize or understand the value your company provides?

Are you…
dissatisfied and frustrated with your current marketing and sales efforts, but are ambitious to get to the next level?

Then talk to us…

Advantage Marketing Consulting Services helps business-to-business companies who are finding it challenging to grow sales above the $1-$5mm plateau.

We follow the proven Duct Tape Marketing system, and will collaborate with you to develop the right strategy and brand messaging first – before diving into tactics. This approach ensures that tactics are guided by your customers’ challenges and how you are uniquely positioned to solve them.

The result: increased leads and sales.

In addition to our marketing expertise, we’re known for developing content strategies that help break through the noise so that your company shines as experts. From blog posts and email copy to EBooks and white papers, we provide the sparkling content that connects with your customers.

These B2B segments are in our sweet spot:

  • Professional Service Firms
  • IT, Tech and Telecom
  • Engineering and Environmental
  • Manufacturing and Distribution

If you’re ready to accelerate your business to the next level, talk to us.

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