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Oktorise is a marketing consultancy helping manufacturers utilize real marketing so they can thrive, despite the uncertain times facing the manufacturing industry.

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“We are the value partner guiding you to a success in global markets with inbound marketing as we grow with you.”

Performars was founded to help small and medium-sized enterprises with difficulties entering international markets regardless of their product or service excellence. Performars ensures speedy results focusing on digital marketing & inbound sales backed by proven methodologies that combine market insight strategy, marketing technology and operational capabilities in Asia.

Performars provides authentic MPOs (marketing process outsourcing) that expands our client’s business in the Asian market. Performars members have abundant global and digital marketing experiences from various blue-chip companies in manufacturing, business services, strategy consulting, market research and marketing agencies. They are continuously developing up-to-date capabilities of end-to-end marketing operations and sharpening the marketing insights by closely working with the global and local leaders in the digital marketing area. To learn more, visit Performars.com

Our offerings

‘Know what you don’t know, Focus what you want, Transform into real MARKETING.’

  1. Marketing Process Outsourcing: End-to-end Asia marketing service from strategy, creative to execution based on our proven methodologies and hands-on experience resulting in the increased performance.
  2. Asia Market Research: Proven expertise on market insights generation from the Asia market experience and data analyses.
  3. Marketing Technology: Marketing automation & content marketing tools for the digital marketing transformation resulting in improved ROI

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Bien Pensado / Business Empresarial Calle 67 No 7-57 Of. 402 Bogotá, Colombia (Sur América) Oficina:+57(1)2114841 Móvil:+57(315)2087763

A lot has been said about marketing. Many management experts explain how big companies have successfully implemented a certain strategy. However, when marketing comes to small companies, there is not much practical information and support available. No simple ways to generate short-term results with limited resources.

That is why at Bien Pensado we focus on commercial support for small businesses. Different from other companies, our methodology is based on practical and simple actions. In a very affordable way, you can remarkably improve your business results.

We specialize on small business critical aspects for growth: sales and marketing. If your company strongly needs to increase sales, differentiate from competition or increase market penetration, we can help.

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Eman Bu-Rashid

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Keynotes was established with the aim of helping small-to-medium-sized businesses to establish a marketing system.

Keynotes is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The country is strategically located amongst the affluent markets of the Gulf countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Oman. These countries are collectively known as the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC). In recent years, there has been a growing focus on SME’s in this region with the aim of supporting the creation of a competitive private sector that can potentially contribute additional GDP. The Duct Tape Marketing System provides small to medium enterprises with the unique turn-key systematic approach to marketing their products and services and creating a competitive edge.

As the first Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach in the Middle East, we provide small-and-medium sized companies with a unique blend of marketing coaching and consulting to improve their bottom line, using the simple and effective marketing techniques adopted by the Ultimate Duct Tape Marketing Systems. Keynotes also bring many years of working experience in training and mentoring of undergraduate and postgraduate students of marketing. We also bring first-hand marketing experience in promoting services within the GCC region.

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We show active travel, hospitality and lifestyle brands how to turn customers into heroes. Leveraging latest academic research, Design Thinking and Duct Tape Marketing methodologies, we guide owners and managers to a place where transformative customer experience innovation and strategic marketing can create sustained growth.