Putting Some Fun in Email Marketing

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MailChimp is a very simple yet effective email marketing tool. It is a service that essentially allows you to easily create and send HTML emails to groups big and small.

They have take the work out this task and maybe even injected a little fun in the process. One of the core points of difference is their pay for what you send model. There is no monthly fee just a small fee per email actually sent.

No matter what your email marketing plans however, I do suggest you get and read their free 50 page email marketing guide called Designing, Coding and Delivering HTML Email. HTML email, email that looks like a web page, offers great impact but does come with its own set of challenges. This guide is one of the best I’ve uncovered that addresses those common challenges and gives you advice on best practices to get your email read and acted on.

Like all good software services they have a free trial. Go check them out. For many small businesses this could be the right solution.


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