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Introducing the Duct Tape Marketing System

DTM-system-1Install a Proven Marketing System That Will Help You Gain More Customers, More Profit and More Control of Your Business Right Away

So, if you’re one of those people that thinks marketing is hard or complicated or something you’re just no good at – I’ve got news for you – none of that is true. Or, if you’re one of those people who buys this course and that course hoping to make a change – let me assure you this time it can be different.

When you join the Duct Tape Marketing Program you are joining a community of business owners, coaches and marketers all determined to make a difference – to make certain that you meet your objectives.

Once you understand that marketing is just a system, things get a whole lot clearer.

Here’s what you get when you join the Duct Tape Marketing Program

  1. Immediate access to the Duct Tape Marketing Course (Click here to see the full course curriculum)
  2. Monthly group coaching webinar
  3. Monthly live Q and A sessions
  4. Membership in an exclusive community forum
  5. Chance be chosen our monthly VIP Member
  6. Access to our proven toolbox
  7. Introduction to Duct Tape Marketing Consultants
  8. Connection and accountability

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Introducing the Referral Engine Pro Course

Referral Engine ProHarness the Power of Referrals to Ensure a Steady Flow of New Customers

The power of glitzy advertising and elaborate marketing campaigns is on the wane; word- of-mouth referrals are what drive business today. People trust the recommendation of a friend, family member, colleague, or even stranger with similar tastes over anything thrust at them by a faceless company.

This self-guided course will show you how to craft a strategy that compels customers and partners to voluntarily participate in your marketing, to create positive buzz about your products and services to friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

The complete Referral Engine Pro Course consists of 4 modules including:

  • A video overview
  • PDF version of the slides
  • Video transcript
  • Action steps
  • Supplemental content

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Become a Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consultant

Over the past decade, consulting for the small business has become a billion-dollar industry. Duct Tape Marketing is taking the collaborative consulting concept to a new level with the Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consulting Network.

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