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As a Pro Partner, you could do all of these things and earn $1000s in commissions!

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Here's how our Pro Partner Program works

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Anyone who is invited can become a Pro Partner. Our most successful Pro Partners will;

  • Understand the value that comes with licensing the Duct Tape Marketing System.
  • Love helping and seeing their network grow and scale their own agencies.  

Without a doubt, it's been the greatest return on investment I've made in my business or personal life.

Antonio Guerrero

Systematic Business Marketing

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To unlock the benefits of your Pro Partnership, you simply need to share your unique link for our free fractional CMO training with your network. Don't worry we give you the tools needed to succeed:

  • A user-friendly dashboard to keep a close eye on your progress.
  • A FREE training presented by John Jantsch, "How to Grow a Highly Profitable Fractional CMO Practice."
  • Templates and assets to for you to easily spread the word about the free training.

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Get just 1 Certification Intensive registration and receive $500 in affiliate commissions!

For anyone who attends the webinar using your link and then signs up for the Certification Intensive, you receive $500 in affiliate commissions.

Join our mission to help agency owners scale sustainably using a system that actually works!

No tactic-chasing, trend-following, false promises or gimmicks.

We leverage over 30 years of proven strategies and our time-tested Duct Tape Marketing System to help agencies, coaches, consultants, and marketing strategists grow and scale their practices.

By connecting your agency audience with the 3-day Certification Intensive you're helping them gain clarity, confidence, control and customers while also earning easy income. 

It's time. Be that driving force, that voice of reason, and that supportive mentor your network needs as they aim to make this big leap for their business.

After licensing the Duct Tape Marketing System, we've experienced triple digit growth each year we've been in business.

Ian Cantle

Outsourced Marketing
Member since 2017

We doubled our revenue in two years after receiving the guidance and know-how to build standards, processes and systems from the Duct Tape Marketing.

Debbie Howard

Senior LivingSMART
Member since 2019

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