Power Blog Review of the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel

Power Blog Review of the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel

Power Blog Review of the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel

By John Jantsch

Anita Campbell over at Small Business Trends did one of her now famous PowerBlog Reviews and featured the Duct Tape Marketing Channel. Lynne Meyer, APR, president of A Way with Words did the review and they did a fine job of summing up what’s going on here at the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel. Visit the PowerBlog Review

Growing a Profitable Marketing Consulting Practice: My First Year as a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
My first interaction with John Jantsch was in April of 2016 at the annual Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, CA. I had just begun my digital marketing consulting business a few months prior and, to be honest, hadn’t read his popular book Duct Tape Marketing nor did I know anything about running […]
The Role of Your Website in Guiding the Customer Journey
Today’s customer journey is more complex than ever. From social media to paid search to offline marketing, there are dozens of ways someone can discover your company. The main role of your website in this twisting journey is to be a solid central point. While prospects may discover your brand anywhere, you want to be […]

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