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Conference Calls Unlimited just sent me a very powerful
referral marketing promotion. CCU provides audio and web
conference services and finds that to beat through the clutter
of the Internet and PPC price shopping they can do much
better by way of referral – (lesson for anyone in that nugget)

CCU sent me a plastic phone card looking thing and offered
to personalize up to 1000 of these babies with my logo.

These cards, now emblazoned with my logo, are good for
one free conference call or web conference. So what do I
do, I slap them in the mail to all of my favorite customers
and prospects as a good will gesture and to further prove
that I lay awake at night thinking of ways to make their
lives better.

Oh, but wait, now CCU gets exposed to a whole bunch of
new people and they essentially borrow a bit of the trust
that I have built with my clients – It’s referral marketing
at it’s best and it’s a great approach that I’m sure will pay
for itself over and over. Creativity ain’t that hard folks.


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