Package Your Knowledge

One of the greatest opportunities open to the small business owner is
duplication. Look, you’re an expert a something right, I mean, people
pay you for your knowledge, skill, advice, or ability to listen to and
solve their problems.

But…there’s only so much of you to go around right. Wrong…you, or
at least that part of you that teaches, coaches, and consults is
unlimited when you decide you want it to be.

So, just how do you do that. Package your knowledge

Create products, books, tapes, CDs, and reports that teach people how
to do what you know or what you do. When you do this several magical
things will begin to happen.

1) Your status as an expert in your field will skyrocket
2) Your ability to be everywhere, 24/7 will become a reality
3) Invitations to submit articles and speak at meetings will appear
4) You will create multiple, new, residual streams of income

Any of that sound interesting?

Now, stop telling yourself you can’t do it. If you have built a business
that pays the bills, you can take this next step easily. In fact, if you
don’t do this…if you continue to sell only your time and work only for
what amounts to an hourly wage, then all you really have is a job.

Duplicate yourself, replicate what you know, teach others (even
competitors) to do what you do and then you will have created
something that will allow you get more life, more freedom.

If you ask me, that’s the real definition of a business.


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