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A week or so ago I reported on this blog that I had received a note from a single mom entrepreneurs asking me about my book. Essentially, her note moved me to offer a free copy to 25 of these super moms out there and I have to tell you – the response I received from that offer was awesome.

It wasn’t so much that a bunch of single mom entrepreneurs wanted a copy of my book, it was the stories they shared that moved me most. (Oh, and I also heard from a couple single dad entrepreneurs – they’re getting books too!)

The single greatest theme was the fact business ownership was the ultimate way for them to juggle the multiple roles they balanced – in fact, for many the only way. I also met some fascinating business owner with really profitable, thriving fun, energizing businesses.

I want to highlight a couple stories with you

“I sew insane hours and am trying to make it a go-full time. So far I’ve been really successful, (too many orders so we’re backdated until after Christmas.) I sell to local and national boutiques, and the name is getting out there. I feel very, very blessed.” Kathleen M. Hindes The Well Bundled Baby
“I am a 39 year old graphic designer. My ethnic background is Korean and Lithuanian, so I like kimchi…and sauerkraut. I’ve been a single mom for almost 19 years. I live in Washington State, about 40 minutes south of Seattle. For the past three years, I’ve run my own design and copywriting studio, Maria Gudaitis Design.Some of my niche markets are the construction/building industry and non-profits.” Maria Gudaitis
“My business manufacture/sells personalized calendar plaques. My son, nephew and I, designed our first picture frame calendar in 1997. After submitting a design patent application and receiving patent pending status. I researched several companies to provide a prototype. I obtained a business license , Oct 2005 and January 2006, I found a company to manufacture the product. ( it wasn’t that simple) My website and product line was introduced to the public Sept. 2006.”Jewel Ragsdale Classic Calendar Company

Go visit these ladies – I’ll have more stories to share soon.

Another unexpected offshoot of this little adventure was that other marketing folks stepped up and offered books, products and services. Stay tuned, let’s see where this goes. Anybody know how to get in touch with Oprah?


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