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The Hierarchy of Getting The Important Stuff Done– There is always more that you want to do than you can humanly or otherwise actually do. That’s just the nature of owning a business and the minute you let up it comes right back at you.

5 Tricks that Every Marketer Needs to Know to Exploit the New Facebook Page Design– Come March 30th 2012 every active Facebook Fan Page will be flipped over to the new design called The Timeline. Personal Profiles have been using a similar design for some time now.

Marketing Is the New Selling– In order to thrive in today’s digitally driven business environment, sales folks need to think and act more like marketers.

How to Use a WordPress Blog as a Referral Generator– I’ve seen and heard this scenario countless times. Two perfectly suited strategic partners determine they should start doing some things together in an effort to create referral opportunities for each other.

5 Types of Content That Every Business Must Employ – The creation and distribution of content has become such a significant aspect of effective marketing that it requires a high place in the strategy conversation in most every business.

5 Ways To Get Your Website Ready For Local Search – Search engines have become one of the primary ways that people find products and services in their hometown. This growing reality increases the need for small local business owners to master local search.

7 Resistance Crushing Questions Every Business Must Answer – You’ve created buzz and awareness about your business, you’ve gained permission to educate and you’ve even started to build trust through your content and SEO work – prospects are coming to know, like and trust you – you’ve achieved the equivalent of marketing nirvana, right

There’s Really No Such Thing As Mobile Marketing – In my annual prediction article for OPEN Forum, I predicted that mobile would finally land firmly on the radar of the small business marketer. We’re at the halfway point and all signs point to that coming true.

How To Make Your Business Irresistible To Sponsors – A large part of my business involves attracting sponsors and strategic partners that share my desire to help small business owners grow and thrive.

7 Characteristics of a Real Life Marketing Strategy – In my opinion, developing and executing an effective marketing strategy is the most important job of any marketer and failure to do so is the single greatest threat to creating anything that looks and feels like business building momentum.

5 Practical Tips for Getting More from Facebook – As the importance of Facebook as small business marketing tool continues to grow it’s important to adapt your marketing behavior in ways that allow you to gain practical benefits from the way people are choosing to use social media

5 Reasons Free is Hurting us All – We’ve swung so far over to the “information wants to be free” thinking that I believe it’s presenting a challenge for businesses and content consumers and the Web in general

That Which is Boundless – I went searching for a word the other day because I was trying to describe a feeling really.

How to Deliver an Experience – For a lot of businesses, taking the order is where marketing ends.

Give Yourself Permission to Suck – When I was growing up I decided I wanted to play the guitar.

Keeping Customers in the New Lead Generation – Used to be that we could go out there and hunt down new leads and customers with a measured precisio

7 Ways to Limit Profits – I witness service business and consulting practices all over the world handicapping their success and limiting their profits by making the same avoidable mistakes.

Better is Only Better if it’s Different – I believe that the most important marketing consideration is an effective marketing strategy. asgw via Flickr Now, I’m not talking about the empty academic exercise kind of strategy.

What you Need to know to Sell Small Business – These days, I frequently get asked how the heck to get through to small businesses. See, small business, last decade’s afterthought, is this decade’s hot untapped market.

Why We Overtweet – This morning I’m participating in a panel at SXSW Interactive in Austin called Tweeting on the Weekends.

Work as Craft – Owning a business is a beautiful thing; a thing done quite often, not for riches, but to fulfill a dream or carry out a passion for doing something.

5 Ways to Make Reviews Sites your Best Friend – Some business owners have found that review sites such as Yelp! and Google Maps can be a boon for business, while others have developed a love/hate relationship with them.

SEO is About Relationships and Relevance – Last week Google announced an official update to Social Search – something they’ve been playing around with for some time now.

7 Verbs of Commitment – In the end, what every business seeks is commitment – from our customers, our staff, our partners, and our entire collaboration universe.

10 Free Tools to Rank Your Site About the Rest – Like many things in business, and perhaps in life, one of the best ways to get better at something is to analyze what others are doing — particularly those doing better than you.

App Driven Productivity – Business owners have a lot to do, a lot to keep track of, and a lot to balance.

Great Storytellers – Seems like everywhere I turn these days I see marketing trumpeting the value of telling stories. Heck, I’ve been doing that myself for years.

Easiest Way to Podcast – I’ve been interviewing really smart people on a weekly basis for about five years now. In the process, I’ve found that a podcast is a great platform to get my interviews to the public.

Gmail for Business – Gmail has become a powerful and inexpensive way to run a companies’ email.

5 Trends in 2011 – Last year I wrote a piece where I predicted trends for 2010 – you can read them here – and I must say that I was pretty much spot on with most.

Killer Technology – The word “technology” is in quotes because I want to expand your view of how it’s used. Businesses that get talked about do something different from other businesses.

Products come with Owner’s Manual – For some products and services, such as power tools or software, an owner’s manual is a very necessary and accepted part of the deal.

How to Build Referrals – Getting a steady stream of referrals is the dream of most businesses. The right kind of referred leads are pure gold.

Create a Win Win with a Non-Profit – Creating a partnership with a non-profit agency can have a dramatically positive marketing impact if handled correctly.

Luxury has a Unique Brand of Competition – Many businesses strive to position and promote their brands as the luxury brand of choice in their industry or community.

How to Discover and Attract More of Your Ideal Client – Many small business marketers try to be all things to all people and find it hard to really focus or get good at serving narrowly defined market segments.

5 Useful Research Tools Your Competitors Don’t Know About – Optimizing web content for the keywords and phrases that your prospects actually use to search is standard operating procedure for anyone wanting to draw search traffic.

Turn Customers Into Advocates – The goal of a business is to create a customer, but the goal of a healthy, growing business it to create a customer that also creates customers.

How to Become Super Genius in Any Industry – The equivalent of an advanced degree in any field is online waiting for you to come avail yourself of it.

5 Ways to Get Found Online in Your Town – The growth of search as a primary driver of buying decisions in some local market segments has significantly increased the need for small business owners to master this thing called local search.

The Ultimate Small Business Website – Websites have evolved significantly over the past few years and the expectations of both surfers and spiders is driving much of what it takes to make a site work for your business today.

How to Run Your Entire Business Using Free and Low Cost Web Apps – Software as a service (SaaS) and all things related to cloud computing have grown enormously popular for small business use of the last few years, and why not. Many of the services needed to run today’s businesses can be acquired for little of no cost and allow even the tiniest of start-ups to do things once only achieved by much larger organizations.

13 Ways to Network Beyond Facebook and LinkedIn -Building branded profiles, engaging prospects and connecting with potential employees and strategic partners are all powerful ways to tap into Facebook and LinkedIn.

How to Lose a Customer in 5 Ways – Getting a customer is hard work. Keeping them, or more importantly turning them into repeat and refer customers, requires an equal amount of strategic thinking and tactical action, but it’s where the real business building momentum is generated.

5 Pillars of A Small Business Social Media System – A business at its best is an integrated set of systems that come together to create value for an owner, employees, suppliers and customers of that business.

7 Reasons Why Your Marketing Plan Doesn’t Work – Every business should operate with a set of plans – a plan for the business, a plan for cash, a plan for growth, and certainly a plan for marketing. Opening a business with no plan is kind of like driving somewhere you’ve probably never been without a map or GPS device.

Are You Ready for the Economic Rebound? – Are you holding on waiting for your world to get back to normal after the recession? If so, then stop it right now, there’s no such thing as normal and today your best play is to embrace the economic downturn and seeming chaos as one of the most significant opportunities for growth in recent history.

5 Ways to Make Me Want Your Advertisements – So, maybe you’ve heard, advertising doesn’t work anymore. Or, at least that’s what many business owners have come to believe.

How to Promote an Event Using Social Media – There are dozens of sites and services set-up to help you promote events such as webinars, seminar, workshops, grand openings and product launches.

What Really Generates Referral – So much of the literature on the subject of referrals focuses on the proper ways to network, ask for referrals, and create incentive programs for referral sources.

Social Media Listening Made Easy – Listening to the wants and needs of your markets and customers has always been a good idea.

New Facebook Pages Are More Business Friendly -This month’s overhaul of the the Facebook interface dramatically improved the functionality of the Pages feature on Facebook.

A Complete Referral System – For most, referrals happen accidentally as a result of doing good work or being in the right place at the right time.

Ramp Up Testimonials in 2009 – Gathering and utilizing authentic customer testimonials is a great way to a) get closer to your customers and b) offer proof that your company delivers.

What Becomes the Long Way Home? – When setting goals, creating marketing plans, or moving boldly in the direction of innovation, there is a strange force that holds some entrepreneurs back-that repeatedly makes the long road home more becoming.

How To Create The Ultimate Referral Marketing System In 7 Simple Steps

Building Client and Referral Communities – Two of the most important words in the marketing world are Content and Contact.

10 Simple Ways to Get Started with Social Networking – I don’t really think that the mySpaces and Facebooks of the world are essential marketing plays for the typical small business as they stand today.

Tuning in to the mobile web – A lot is being made these days on the subject of mobile marketing and rightly so.

The Telephone Doesn’t Use Any Gas – Using technology to automate and become more effective

Top 12 Resources for Start-ups – Getting the right information is crucial to getting your business started.

Social Search Gaining Steam – Social search engines allow users to rank and rate your small business.

Using Google Alerts to Earn Free Media – Earning coverage of your company in the publications and shows that your ideal customers consume is one of the most effective ways to build trust.

Twitter for Business – Yet another Web 2.0 social networking tool got you puzzled – read this guide.

How’s Your Reputation – Everything on the web about you, your products and your company is true – unless you manage otherwise.

7 Steps to Local Search Dominance – Local shoppers are going online to find products and services in your town — you must find ways to get found when they do!


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