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Listen to this site on my phone with Jott Feeds I’ve written here before about a tool that I’m nuts about and it just keeps getting better. It’s a service called Jott (here’s a site search for my past coverage of Jott) and the basic function is that you call in and leave voice messages to yourself or others and those messages are transcribed and sent out via email. (Way handy for that brilliant idea that comes to you on the Tilt-O-Whirl of life.)

This week they added another very interesting feature called Feeds. With a free Jott account you can now add RSS feeds and dial in and listen your favorite blog or news update service posts on your phone. This won’t be for everyone, but imagine what a great tool this is for sight impaired individuals.

Either way, go get a Jott account and poke around a bit and I’m guessing you will find some uses. ie: I use Google Calendar and I can post a calendar appointment by speaking it into the phone.

Click on the orange image and create an account and listen to my latest blog post. (Another tip for bloggers – hearing your writing read is pretty eye opening and probably will help you write better or at least most like people speak.)



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