Live Training Series

How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Marketing Mistakes & Scale Your Business

Thursday, July 20th at NOON MT

By sidestepping these 7 mistakes and learning what to do instead, you can achieve a consistent influx of leads, boost sales, increase profitability, and attract your ideal customers
- customers for life!

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insight from an expert whose unique approach to marketing has revolutionized the world of small business marketing.

You will learn how to:

  • Drive Business Growth: Establish a clear vision that propels your business towards substantial growth.
  • Attract Profitable Clients: Tailor your brand to attract the most profitable clients.

  • Increase Lead Generation: Differentiate yourself from competitors to amplify your market presence and generate more high-quality leads.
  • Scale Your Business: Learn to efficiently utilize resources to effectively scale your operations.
  • Compete on Value for Growth: Shift from competing on price to providing value, fostering sustainable business growth.
  • Measure Success for Scaling: Set and track objectives that align with your business goals, providing clarity and removing the overwhelm of undefined success.

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Your Host:

John Jantsch

For over 30 years, John has been a trusted advisor to small and medium-sized businesses across the United States, specializing in marketing strategy, consultancy, and advertising. His expertise has led to the publication of 7 books, including the best-selling "The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself." John is also the host of the popular "Duct Tape Marketing Podcast" and maintains a highly regarded blog that Forbes has recognized as one of the top 5 for small business marketing. He has shared his insights and knowledge with thousands of attendees at various conferences.

John's unique approach to marketing is centered around the Duct Tape Marketing System, which empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve measurable and repeatable results. John and his team are dedicated to providing tailored solutions and a commitment to their clients' success, helping them meet their goals and scale their businesses. Together, John and Duct Tape Marketing aim to strategize and build lasting business relationships that drive growth and streamline operations. 

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Thursday, July 20th 
11 P/1 C/2 E

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Who will benefit from this training?

Small Business Owners

If you're a small business owner feeling overwhelmed by the demands of marketing and yearning for growth, this training will provide the strategic direction you need to increase profitability and scale your operations.

Marketing Leads

As a marketing lead, you understand the challenges of standing out in a crowded market. This training will equip you with strategies to effectively differentiate your brand, generate more leads, and drive your marketing efforts to success.

Anyone Seeking Business Growth

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a startup founder, or simply someone eager to see your business thrive, this training will provide valuable insights into avoiding common marketing pitfalls, helping you to drive consistent growth and achieve your business goals.

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