Discover the Gaps in Your Marketing
with the Duct Tape Marketing Gap Analysis

With over 30 years of marketing experience and 1000's of clients served, let us use our Gap Analysis tool to create a laser-focused roadmap designed just for your business for less money than a fancy coffee maker.

Is it time to eliminate the gaps in your marketing?

With a Duct Tape Marketing Gap Analysis, You'll Be Able to Take Control of Your Marketing and Turn Chaos into Clarity

Clear the confusion

Are You Unclear About
What to Do Next?

Uncover marketing gaps you never knew existed and forge a powerful roadmap for success.

Save time and money

Does It Feel Like Marketing Is a
Big Fat Waste?

Streamline your marketing and reduce money and time wasted on ineffective tactics.

Eliminate overwhelm

Are You Overwhelmed by Every
New Marketing Tactic?

Increase your efficiency and enhance decision-making to avoid costly marketing mistakes.

The Marketing Gap Analysis will show you how to say goodbye to the trial-and-error approach in your marketing.

The Marketing Gap Analysis is your compass in the complex world of marketing. But it's not just about identifying the gaps; it's about bridging them effectively. 

  • Discover Marketing Gaps: Revealing areas of improvement for your marketing strategy.
  • Streamline Your Efforts: Avoid trial-and-error; get straight to what works.
  • Boost ROI: Make your marketing investments count by focusing on what delivers results.
  • Get a Competitive Advantage: Stand out in your industry by optimizing your marketing efforts.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement: Connect better with your customers by understanding what works and what doesn't.

With your bridge-the-gap report, you will be able to build a marketing strategy that aligns with your vision, stands out in a crowded market, and delivers impactful ROI. Let us help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

I would 100% recommend Duct Tape Marketing to anyone who is struggling with their marketing the way I was. The process provided me with a clear view of my business, what I needed, how I could move forward, and what was working and what wasn't. The insights I gained, especially regarding my messaging and social proof, were really gratifying, and I now have a clear reason for why people weren't finding me and know exactly what to do to fix it.

Leigh Shulman

Author & Founder of The Workshop

Uncover the 14 Critical Marketing Verticals for Your Business Growth

From aligning your vision and business objectives to optimizing your online presence.
We leave no stone unturned.
  1. 1
    Vision and Objectives: Strategic alignment
  2. 2
    Revenue and Profit: Financial growth
  3. 3
    Ideal Client: Customer clarity
  4. 4
    Core Message: Strong differentiation.
  5. 5
    Customer Journey: Enhanced conversions
  6. 6
    Competitive Analysis: Competitive advantage.
  7. 7
    Website: Improved user experience.
  8. 8
    Content Marketing: Engaging content.
  9. 9
     Social Media: Platform optimization.
  10. 10
    Email Marketing: Engage your audience. 
  11. 11
     Paid Advertising: Efficient ad spend.
  12. 12
    Sales Funnel: Funnel optimization.
  13. 13
    Retention and Referral: Customer loyalty.
  14. 14
    Tracking and KPIs: Performance tracking.

How the Marketing Gap Analysis Works in Four Simple Steps

  • You complete a comprehensive intake form
  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of your business
  • You schedule your 1:1 strategy coaching session
  • We provide your action plan to fill the gaps.

Get a Full Marketing Makeover Map in One 60-Minute Coaching Session.

See what other business owners have to say about working with Duct Tape Marketing

 Duct Tape Marketing has helped me close the gaps between where my business was and where I wanted it to be.

Elizabeth Turner

Fox Point Dental

Our visibility skyrocketed almost immediately when we engaged Duct Tape Marketing to help us identify the holes in our marketing strategy. We now have a clear picture we feel confident in and roadmap for the future and our business is booming.

Jake Schloegel

President & CEO Schloegel Design Remodel

The confidence we have in our marketing has improved significantly since we engaged Duct Tape Marketing.... Everything from initial consultation, ongoing consultation, and account management has been easy and straightforward.

Cory and Janette Eckert

Alpine Ductless

Working with Duct Tape Marketing has been a game changer for our business. I would recommend Duct Tape Marketing's expert strategists to others without reservation.

Brian Witt
Owner of Ironhorse Management, LLC

Duct Tape Marketing: More Than 30 Years of Strategic Marketing Experience at Your Fingertips

Duct Tape Marketing has been a trusted strategic marketing agency and resource for small business owners both locally and on a global scale. Our purpose is simple - we aim to help businesses grow, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and strategic alignment. We do this by first identifying your gaps through the Marketing Gap Analysis and then we work together to bridge the gaps and deliver you measurable, repeatable results.

About John Jantsch

John Jantsch is the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing and the Duct Tape Marketing Gap Analysis and is a trusted advisor to small and medium-sized businesses around the world, specializing in marketing strategy, consultancy, and advertising. His expertise has led to the publication of 7 books, including the best-selling "The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself." John is also the host of the popular "Duct Tape Marketing Podcast" and maintains a highly regarded blog that Forbes has recognized as one of the top sites for small business marketing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Marketing Gap Analysis and why do I need one?

If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, a marketing gap analysis is an absolute must-have! It's like a secret weapon that helps you identify where your marketing strategy is falling short and where you can improve. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you can make smarter decisions, beat the competition, and save valuable time and resources. It's all about boosting your marketing game, staying fresh in a rapidly changing market, and achieving your goals with precision.

What is the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics?

A marketing strategy refers to a company's overall plan or approach to reach its target audience and achieve its marketing objectives. It involves identifying the target market, analyzing the competition, and determining the most effective marketing mix (i.e., the combination of products, pricing, promotion, and distribution) to reach and engage potential customers.

On the other hand, marketing tactics are the specific actions or efforts a company takes to implement its marketing strategy. These include advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, events, and public relations efforts. Marketing tactics are typically more specific and focused on executing a particular aspect of the overall marketing strategy.

In summary, marketing strategy is the big-picture plan that guides marketing efforts. In contrast, marketing tactics are the specific actions to implement that plan.

What is the Duct Tape Marketing System?

The Duct Tape Marketing System is a repeatable framework and process that allows marketers to create wins more easily for clients by focusing on “Strategy Before Tactics” to create a winning plan and then quickly moving to retainer engagements with a set blueprint to guide the engagement.

The System has been successfully installed in 1000s of businesses worldwide and featured in many prestigious media outlets, including; The New York Times, CNN, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and many more.

You can apply The Duct Tape Marketing System to help grow your business in 3 ways:

  1. Hire our marketing agency to design a marketing strategy for you using the Duct Tape Marketing System.
  2. License the Duct Tape Marketing System to use in your agency.

Why is a marketing strategy important for my business?

Having a complete Marketing strategy is vital for any small business. A clear strategy enables you to plan how you will reach your target market, which can lead to increased revenue and profit. A proper marketing strategy will increase your scope of potential customers so that you are not just throwing money at different advertising tactics and hoping that something sticks. A marketing strategy for your small business allows you to be surgical and succinct in your approach leading to minimal waste and maximum profit.

How can I find a marketing agency for my business?

Here are some tips on how to find a marketing consultant for your business:

1. Determine your needs and goals: Before beginning your search for a marketing consultant, take some time to figure out what you're looking for and what your goals are for your business. In what areas of your business do you need help? A clear vision of your goals will make the search process more focused and efficient.

2. Research online to see which consulting companies are the most reputable in your industry. Then contact them to see if they offer marketing consulting services.

3. You can also look for marketing consultants who work independently from larger companies and offer their services to businesses for a fraction of the price. Make sure to schedule an introductory meeting to learn more about their background and experience before hiring them.

4. When interviewing potential marketing consultants, ask them about their previous experience and expected results, and make sure they understand your business needs and goals.