Live Workshop from Duct Tape Marketing in Denver

Live Workshop from Duct Tape Marketing in Denver

​Join best-selling author David Finkel and John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing for a one-day exclusive workshop in Denver, CO.

5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back with David Finkel

Friday, Oct 20th, 2017 - 8am-3:30pm MST - Denver, CO

Workshop Fee: $299 - Registration is limited to 20 participants


Get ready to scale your business

This one-day workshop won’t be an information dump. It will be interactive. It will be an opportunity to actually work on your business. It’s a working session to take a deep dive into your company to really plan out how to make it grow better, faster, and smoother, all while being less reliant on you.

You’ll leave this workshop with:

  • A clear roadmap of how to continue to run, operate and grow your business in such a way that will help you grow profits, but most importantly help you grow your time off in ways that you’ll actually be able to do with less time and effort.
  • An understanding of how to grow your business without being reliant on your personal time, effort, energy, and production.
  • New leverage points to work with clients – you’re going to walk away with a little known tool that you can use to put your finger on the right leverage point to grow your business. You can use this tool to solve the marketing challenges of any of the clients that you’re working with. It’s simple, fast, precise, and repeatable. Both you and your clients will love it.
  • An understanding of how to make systems real inside your company so that you deliver a better, more consistent, and more valuable product to your clients.
  • A one-page plan of action mapping out the 90 days right after the conference so that you can hit the ground running. You’ll receive a tool so that every 90 days you’ll have a rolling series of quarterly action plans that are just one page that will narrow down the key focus areas specifically to help you grow and expand your business.

David’s Clients Say It Best

“My biggest victory is an increase of 40% gross revenue and my profit margins went up at the same level, which is really good.” 
– Andrea Butter 
Maui By Design

“In the past 6 months in the program we’ve experienced 50% growth.” 
– Klayton Tapley 
The Fireplace Place

Get your life back!

Have you ever wanted your business to grow but held yourself back from fear that it would take over your life? As an owner, it’s all too common to feel you have to choose between your personal life and the success of your business.

But the surprising truth is that the only way to truly scale and grow your company is to reduce its reliance on you. This means that, done right, scaling ensures that you can grow your business without sacrificing your life.

Your Presenter

David Finkel

David Finkel

David Finkel is a Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestselling author of 11 business and financial books. David is the founder and CEO of Maui Mastermind, one of the world’s premier business coaching companies. David’s clients enjoy an average annual growth rate 9 times higher than the average privately held company in the US.

Workshop location

Curtis Hotel
1405 Curtis Street
Denver, Co

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Workshop Fee: $299 - Registration is limited to 20 participants

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