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The good thing about websites is that you can pack a whole bunch of stuff on them. But, of course, that’s the bad thing too isn’t it.

In all things marketing it is best to keep it simple. People are so distracted these days that if you do manage to get their attention you better not make them work to figure out what you want them to do.

Many website owners figure that all they have to do is lead their prospects to a home page and they will figure out what to do.


I’m reminded of the dog with a bone who spys his reflection in the river and, thinking the bone in the reflection is better, drops his bone and is left with nothing. Too many choices, or maybe any choices, spells confusion.

Landing pages, pages designed and marketed for one purpose only can be a great way to cut down on confusion. So if you want to offer a special report or newsletter subscription, you are far better off if you design a specific page for that purpose and direct your prospects to that page. Here’s a special report page example.

Landing pages are great for newsletter swaps. Let’s say a list owner wants to promote your newsletter to his list. Create a page that is personalized for that list and your sign-ups will soar. Here’s an example.


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