Just Say No Once In A While

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Every once in a while you’ve got to decide that a new client or a new project just isn’t a good fit. You know the ones I’m talking about. You can usually feel it in your gut at that first meeting. But, hey, they said that would pay you, (usually after some attempt to get you to lower your price) so you took the work.

It can be frightening to do, but nothing will be better for you or the prospective client than your ability to size up a project and decline it if it doesn’t fit.

You can save yourself the headaches that you know come with trying to make what you do fit into someone else’s view of what you. Another funny thing about this approach is it makes you even more appealing. When you turn a client down for the right reasons, suggest that maybe someone else has a better solution, your credibility will skyrocket. In fact, the prospective client may transform right before your eyes as you demonstrate that you are so trustworthy you won’t simply take their money and run.

Of course in order for this strategy to be of any value to you, you must know, without a doubt, your precise ideal client profile and the unique value you have to offer. With these two things in hand you will always be able to say no and grow your business. Try it!


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