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The Duct Tape Marketing Community is a space where
marketing professionals come to connect, learn, share, network, and grow their businesses. This is a group that faces a unique set of challenges and that is why we believe so strongly in the power of a dedicated marketing community. We're here to help each other grow, enjoy what we do and make a living and a life doing it!

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Get off the information hamster wheel.

This is the place where marketers come to connect with a community of peers, ask
questions, and get insights and answers from community experts. It is also a great place to network and grow your business - you never know the connections you could make! There are no silly questions here and were not an echo chamber.

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A true community of marketers.

Whether you want to connect with other marketers and network, learn a new skill, or share your own story and lessons learned, the Duct Tape Marketing Community is the place to do it. You'll find a space to ask those questions that you need answers to but never knew who to ask. We're here for you and committed to helping you become a more successful marketer.

Meaningful connections.

Within our community platform, we have designed plenty of groups around everything from how to get more leads to talking strategy, referrals, and new tech tools so you can find the right conversations to support you and your needs. Of course if you just walk to talk shop with the whole group hang out with us in our group space.

Next-level events.

We offer different events that allow us all to connect and learn as a collective. These range from monthly training sessions with John. backstage invitations for community members, monthly marketing book club with special guest authors, and opportunities to engage with guests and me live during the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast! We know you are busy so even if you cannot join an event live we offer replays to be watched at your own convenience.

Weekly deep-dives from John.

Find out what’s happening in the world of marketing at John's Corner--a weekly digest of thought-provoking insights and reflections on marketing topics from John himself. These are shared alongside topics and interests that are specific to our community members. We invite all members to share their own thoughts and reflections every week to help us all learn from one another.

Valuable resources - courses, videos, downloads.

ALL community members will have access to Duct Tape Marketing exclusive training videos on topics related to small business marketing and consulting, special resources and even The Marketing Action Plan course which will, if completed, will help you install the same system that's been proven over and over again to produce stunning gains in customers and peace of mind. All of these resources are included with your membership and can be completed at your own Leisure.

  The Beatles said it best, I get by with a little help from my friends...

I think the same is true for all of us and that is why we created The Duct tape Marketing Community. I know firsthand the challenges of running a business, marketing, and staying afloat in today's economy. I created the Duct Tape Marketing Community because I believe that each one of us has something to share, we all have something to teach, and we all deserve to be heard. And it’s all a little more fun when it is done together.

Join in on the conversation and get involved.