Intuitive Logo Design?

I’m a big fan of Intuit and all the Quicken and Quickbooks products (yes they also sponsor some DTM initiatives)

About a month or two ago they quietly, in my opinion, rolled out a new logo after 25 years with some variation of the old one.

I think it’s a pretty nice example of a big company getting a subtle rebranding right. Big, successful companies have lots of equity invested in all of their brand elements and it can be a bit scary changing anything. (That’s why brand consultants get $100,000 or so to come up with green blocks)

I think Intuit has changed, certainly their ideal customer has changed, and to me the new logo represents not only that change, but a pretty deep understanding of it. Nice work gang. (I did quick interview with Intuit founder Scott Cook)

And, in the marketing “how clever is that” category, the two T’s, dotted like I’s to look strikingly like people, nicely bracket the letters U & I. Yes, together we can make the world a safe place for balance sheets to live, work and well, be balanced!

OK, what do you think? Is it too cute or right on the mark for today’s small business customer?



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