Why Rent Your Marketing When You Can Install a Proven Marketing Operating System

In this live session you'll learn how to build a marketing system to use with your entire team - even if that's just you and a marketing coordinator

Introducing . . . The Certified Marketing Manager Coaching Program powered by Duct Tape Marketing

When you give up complete ownership of your marketing, you aren’t building yourself an internal, long-term asset. You’re just renting one.

Hiring and training someone internally is often daunting, but that's because you might just be lacking the right system. In this webinar, you'll learn how we can help you build a custom marketing action plan AND get your internal marketing team pulling in the same direction.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Business owners who wonder how to get the most from their current marketing efforts and team members
  • Business owners who are too busy to train, educate, and manage a marketing hire or team
  • Marketing managers and coordinators who want develop and implement a marketing action plan that everyone in the organization can work from
John Jantsch podcast host

Your Host:

John Jantsch

Best-selling author of
Duct Tape Marketing

Webinar Date:



2:00 PM



What you’ll discover on this webinar:

  • Why you should build some aspects of marketing as an in-house asset for your business
  • How to get your marketing team trained, managed, and developed for you 
  • How to get your marketing team to build a custom marketing action plan specific to your business

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