I Want to Choke the Word Synergy

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I don’t know why I react so violently to the word synergy – ask anyone, I’m an easy going person, but some buzz words just get to me. I know they get too you to so let’s kick off the week by taking a few on and why not turn it into a contest too.

Share your most dreaded or bizarre buzz word or phrase (social media fanatic) in the comments of this post by Thursday April, 7th and I’ll pick 3 winners to get a full enterprise edition of inDinero accounting software courtesy of Appsumo. ($1,200 value)

I really love inDinero and even interviewed CEO Jessica Mah on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. I thought of this challenge because one of Indeniro’s marketing positions is that they help get rid of accounting speak and allow you to monitor the real time health of your business from a pretty straightforward dashboard.

So, get after it – what words and phases need to be wiped from the business vocabulary?


Appsumo, inDinero

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