Happy Entrepreneurship Week USA

Happy Entrepreneurship Week USA

Happy Entrepreneurship Week USA

By John Jantsch

The Kauffman Foundation, The New York Times, and Inc are the national sponsors for an ambitious undertaking known at Entrepreneurship Week USA

The weeklong event, Feb 24-Mar 3, features sponsored learning and networking events all across America in an attempt to bring some serious focus on the job of being an entrepreneur. When you visit the Entrepreneurship Week site you can add your zip code and find events going on your town.

My advice is that you take full advantage of these staged events to get yourself out into the stream or out into a bigger river of entrepreneurial thinking folks. Hanging out with people who share your bigger dreams, learning from folks that have been there and taping the knowledge of some of today’s brightest entrepreneurial minds is a great way to stay on top of your game.

Come back here and tell me about the events in your community and what you gained by playing in Entrepreneurship Week this year too.

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