Hand Made Paper Stuff

Hand Made Paper Stuff

Hand Made Paper Stuff

By John Jantsch

Sometimes, maybe it’s the time of year, I get nostalgic for hand made paper things. All of the bits and bytes of emails and web sites occasionally leave me longing for the heft of a fine crafted ink pen.

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about handwritten notes as a marketing tool. There’s just something about the look and feel of an article you can hold in your hand and know that no one else has a copy of this exact thing.

Here are 3 fun links for those who share, even temporarily, my sentiments today!

  • DIY Paperbookmarks – Fun idea and nice marketing book tie in potential
  • Sensa – my favorite writing instrument
  • Pocket Mod: A customizable personal organizer, on a single sheet of paper that you fold up and put in your pocket. (Nod to Carson McComas at workhappy.net for this one.)

Got any hand made paper stuff to share?

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