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LotusJumpI just stumbled upon what looks like a very cool do-it-yourself SEO tool and for today only I get to offer it to my readers for $10/mo for life – this offer ends at Midnight PST today. (It’s usually $99/mo – I don’t think I would pay that much, but at $10/mo it’s a steal. By the way, I am using this tool, paying $10/mo, and passing this discount on to my readers, but I don’t profit at all from your sign-ups.)

The tool is called LotusJump and it’s very simple and very useful. You enter the URL for your site and three key search phases. The tool then presents you with a list of tasks that fall into categories such as building high-quality competitive backlinks, buzz, content and directory listings. The thing I like the most about this is that it’s not simply a list of tasks, each task comes with the “how” built right in. You simply click and follow the instructions. The tool also learns over time and keeps presenting new and ever more relevant tasks.

    Here’s a mini-sample of tasks it lists for me.

  • Build a backlink at – marketing – Competitive Backlink
  • Post a comment at – marketing – Buzz
  • Write an article on MSN Groups – marketing – Content-building
  • Submit to MavicaNet – Directory submission

I just love how simple and direct it is. Do this, do that. For people who don’t really know how to find this kind of road map, this is a gold mine – for people like me, who know how, but sometimes don’t want to take the time to dig up the road map – it’s still a gold mine – in fact, using this tool, you can delegate your SEO activities to just about anyone.

There are lots of options out there when it comes to getting your website to rank higher in the search engines, but this simple tool really shines when it comes to ease of use and low cost. Watch this short movie at lotusjump to see how it works.


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  1. We appreciate the review and hope your readers will find it helpful. We really want to make SEO accessible (easy and affordable) to all small business marketers, so we’ll keep working to make LotusJump better and better. Cheers!

  2. I love the application. I just wish I had the time to do everything they suggest (which is an outstanding opportunity). Does anyone do this for a living that I can contact?

  3. @Jeffrey – the great thing about this is that you can put just about an virtual assistant in the world on this at an hourly rate – they don’t need to know anything about really about SEO as the steps are explained for them.

  4. @Jeffrey – Jeffery our company, MODassic Marketing Services does just that. We are proud to say that we are very, very different from most SEO companies in that we focus on adding real value to your site to your site. Wheras most SEO companies purposely make the client think SEO is above their head and that everything is behind the scenes and “in the code” just as a way of charging a monthly amount without actually doing anything.

    That’s what I think looks really great about this Lotus Jump tool! True SEO is a lot simpler than most SEO companies want you to believe, it just takes direction and time!

  5. John, this looks like a good opportunity, but I have a few questions:

    How is it different or more valuable than Hubspot’s website grader?

    Can you input different website addresses or is your account tied to one website? (I couldn’t quite tell this).


  6. @Kate – I love hubspot’s tool but my understanding is that it simply tells you how you are doing without offering very specific steps for how to improve.

  7. This seems like a great tool that would add the most value for companies who already have a large amount of links and postings being scoured, and that would like additional ideas on how to increase their presence and traffic to their Web site. On the flip side, this does not seem like a good tool for a company that is just starting from scratch beginning to make blog entries and posting comments. Blogging and posting comments are activities companies should already be doing. Having a tool suggest it doesn’t necessarily add a lot of value unless that tool is looking up relevant blog postings based on key words for companies to respond to.

  8. Kate asked if more than one website could be checked. I would like to expand that: If more than one website can be tracked, must they all belong to the member/subscriber and checked by staff or a virtual assistant.

    Could a virtual professional use the membership to offer the service to clients?

  9. Taking the mystery out of SEO is key to giving the small business marketer a good chance at handling his or her own optimisation. Kudos to Lotusjump for making this easily attainable to the small guy!

  10. This is just a list of websites to submit to. You can save yourself the cash and just do a google search. Most of the tasks don’t even pertain to my website. I’m canceling this.

  11. Hi John,
    I signed up – LotusJump is a good tool to help small businesses create an online marketing plan.

    I haven’t had your blog listed in my suggested action list yet – though it is nice to see mine made it on yours 😉

  12. I’m in love! This is such a fantastic tool, and you’re right that it makes SEO tasks so much simpler to delegate: “Log in, do the first four tasks on the list, log out. Thanks.”

    The hardest thing about doing SEO yourself is knowing that there are opportunities out there that are being missed. Now I won’t feel like I’m missing the obvious.

  13. After celebrating one year of writing my food blog, I am looking forward to creating a much better web presence. I am so happy to have found your site. You offer so many wonderful tools for making the most of my on line presence.

    I look forward to checking out LotusJump and see how it can help me with my SEO.

  14. I just wanted to thank all you DuctTapers for the terrific feedback…we’ve been monitoring these comments and using them to improve the LotusJump software.

    Feel free to pass any additional feedback or suggestions on to [email protected]…we’re listening!

  15. Interesting. Content. Back links. Be dynamic. Follow a schedule. The same overarching SEO recipe. We all know it but need the discipline to carve out time to make it a priority. That someone has automated this is really interesting. If I were an SEO consultant, Id be really worried.

  16. Just curious: how much extra time are users of Lotus Jump spending on SEO after signing up? Are you spending an extra hour a week, hour a day, more, less?


  17. So since the question has been ignored twice, I’m guessing that a Lotusjump account can only be used with one website?

  18. Oh, a couple more questions.

    1. Can you change the keywords later or will I be stuck with the same 3 all the time?

    2. I see the price is now $25/month using your link but now price is listed on the main website. Is $25 going to be the price forever?

  19. This is a great piece of software which I myself use. I agree with your sentiments in that sometimes as a busy webmaster you need to be ‘poked’ every now and then to remind you to do something and in some case how to do it! There are alot of softwares out there to cater for this type of SEO but this is one of the better ones.

  20. Thanks!You made some good points there.
    Thanks though, i’m glad some people share good stuff like this! It will greatly help me in my SEO activities.

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