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Some PR folks will tell you that press releases are a waste of time. I guess that comes from all those lazy PR folks out there that didn’t get any results from mindlessly blasting boring press releases to the media masses. But that’s not really the point of this post. (I’m only picking on the lazy PR folks, not you.)

Well written, engaging press release have a place and some day soon I’ll give you my press release formula, but today I want to focus on a little press release trick that I’ve used with success for years.

I think it’s a good practice to produce a press release of some sort every single month. Now, to get a really big story it’s going to take much more than a press release, but sometimes volume is what it takes to get your pr machine rolling.

So, you’ve written your press release and sent it to the appropriate media, now what?

Print several hundred copies of the release – in your best press release format – and send it to your clients and hottest prospects. When you do this little bit of direct mail pr for a while, your clients and prospects will start to mention that they keep seeing you in the press somewhere and things must be going great. See, what I’ve discovered is that with the blur of information coming to us everyday, people can no longer keep track of what they saw where. Over time, your press releases will become media coverage to your readers.

This may sound silly, but I know from experience it works.


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