Free Blogging Teleseminar with Debbie Weil

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Join me for a free teleseminar with guest expert Debbie Weil – we
will be discussing business blogging – why and how

Session #1 – Feb 9th
The Basics of Business Blogging and why every business should
have a blog- Feb 9th – Noon Central – Special Guest Expert –
Business blog expert: speaker, marketing consultant & publisher
Debbie Weil – Debbie blogs at and .

You’ve heard a lot about Blogging in the media, but the
small business marketer and consumer is just waking up to
this powerful new marketing medium. Some suggest blogs will
change the way many businesses market and advertise. Don’t
miss the wave. Every time I hear someone talking about blogs,
I hear them mention Debbie Weil. She is a highly sought after
writer and speaker on this new medium. – Make Your Reservation


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