Feeding the Small Business Ecosystem
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Feeding the Small Business Ecosystem

Feeding the Small Business Ecosystem

By John Jantsch

Please join me for a free webinar: Feeding the Small Business EcosystemWednesday, April 18th – 1:00 PM PDT | 2:00 PM MDT | 3:00 PM CDT | 4:00 PM EDT

I happen to think that technology is allowing small business owners to think of their world more like an ecosystem than a place on the food chain.Using new technology and new media tools has given even the smallest business a competitive edge.

This will be a very interactive session moderated by WebEx Communications expert Eric Vidal. Come listen but, be prepared to share ways that you and other smart small business owners are using technology to generate leads, close deals, and build vibrant communities.

I suspect the use of blogs, podcasts, RSS, and web apps will be tossed about freely.

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