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TripItEvery now and then something comes along that works so elegantly I get giddy. I know that’s my inner geek talking, but today I feel compelled to share a new (not really marketing related) resource called TripIt.

I do a fair amount of traveling and anyone who does can tell you that it takes a little work to keep the airline, hotel, car and event confirmations organized and ready when you need to access them. (Am I Cleveland today and was it Hertz or Budget?)

TripIt allows you to organize these details and does it in simple fashion. (Disclaimer, I don’t know how this works so well and I reserve the right to take this back if any puppies were harmed in the creation of this tool.)

    Here’s what you do:

  • You create a free account
  • Set up a trip
  • Reserve your air, hotel, car, etc
  • Forward your confirmation emails to TripIt
  • Magically find all your travel details on one page

And, local weather, Google map from airport to hotel, local info from Wikipedia, local events from Eventful are automatically added to your trip. You can access your trip details from any browser or browser phone.

TripIt has the ability to pull all the details it needs from your confirmation number and currently appears to have system compatibility with most major airlines, car rental companies, hotels, and travel services like Expedia.

Very cool!



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