Online Optimization: Get the Most Out of Your Website and Content

Online Optimization: Get the Most Out of Your Website and Content

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 1.24.21 PMIf you think of your business like a car, your website is your engine. It draws in the most customers and keeps you moving toward your goal. But engines need repair and maintenance to keep going. Just using your car on a regular basis can slow it down as it becomes less and less efficient.

Like your car’s engine, you want to continually optimize your site to get
the best results. Search engines are always changing their formula, and
you want to show up as high on the results page as possible. Continuing to work on the optimization of your website and online presence is critical to keep your engine running and your business moving as quickly as possible toward your goal.
That’s why there is an entire industry built around search engine
optimization. SEO Experts, like the mechanics that fix your car and align
your tires, have a role for many business owners. But there are also many
things you can do to keep your site running and your search engine results
up. Here’s what you’ll learn within the pages of this eBook:

  • The most effective ways to build backlinks
  • Why backlinks still matter in your SEO efforts, despite losing some of
    their importance over the years
  • What you should do to optimize your social presence
  • How to optimize each and every piece of content on your website
  • Small tasks that you can do to your website to keep it optimized
  • Everything you need to know about SERP Stacking


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