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Do less, but do it brilliantly.

What if you could  grow  your business by 30% to 300% annually?

It’s possible, but chasing the next new tactic isn’t the answer. Growing your business with the Strategy Experts at Duct Tape Marketing is.

The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Since 2005 John Jantsch has interviewed thought leaders, experts, and authors. Subscribe today and hear some of today's most influential marketers and entrepreneurs share their stories and secrets.

5-Minute Marketing Strategy Assessment

Developed by Duct Tape Marketing to help business owners assess and discover which of the 10 key marketing factors could be holding your business back.

Duct Tape Marketing Weekly Round-up

Each Tuesday we share the best articles, finds, tools, tips, and strategies aimed at arming you with actionable advice and new ideas.

We believe in strategic marketing for long-term growth. 

Our Core Beliefs

  • Marketing is the most important aspect of any small business.
  • Small business owners are the true heroes of business.

We've made it our mission to build, train, support, and teach small business marketing strategies and tactics to as many of these heroes as possible.

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We have great clients. They have great stories.

From explosive growth and brand positioning to finding premium clients; we've done it all

Alpine Ductless

Sales growth of +107% & profits per order increased 30% in less than one year

Fox Point Dental

600% client growth in under 6 months after brand strategy and website overhaul

Scholoegel Design Remodel

Double-digit growth and the best-rated business on Google

Who We Work With and What We Do

Small Business Owner

The digital marketing gurus want you to believe that the answer lies in trying the next tactic and then the next and the next. Chasing tactics isn't the answer for long-term growth. The answer is to do less but do it brilliantly.

Marketing Consultants

You’ve invested so much of yourself into building your business. Failure isn’t simply closing up shop; it’s also in failing to realize what your business could be. You can have double-digit growth while feeling more clarity, more control, more confidence, and, yes, more customers – by doing less rather than more.

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Who we are

We are small business experts, teachers, and trainers at heart

5 Minutes 50 Seconds

Duct Tape Marketing Founder, John Jantsch,
Sharing client success on the TEDx stage

Duct Tape Marketing is founded on the simple belief that marketing is the most important small business system. Like how Duct Tape itself is the most important tool for any do-it-yourselfer.

And we just so happen to believe that small business owners are the true heroes of business, so we've made it our mission to build, train, support, and teach marketing strategies to as many of these heroes as possible.

John Jantsch founded Duct Tape Marketing and the Duct Tape Marketing System over 20+ years ago. He and his team still love every day that they get to work with the inspiring small business heroes of today. 

Hear from the community

We have helped 1000s of businesses of all sizes across a
range of industries achieve their full potential

Working with...the Duct Tape Marketing team has been beyond what I could have hoped for! As a doctor who is very busy dealing with patients and trying to run a business, I can't say how much I appreciate how organized, efficient, and goal-specific they are. I truly had NO idea what went into building a brand, a website, and marketing a business.

Dr. Elizabeth Turner

Fox Point Dental

Duct Tape Marketing is a big part of my firm's success! First, it was the books, then an assessment, and then a long-term coaching relationship. AI would not be where I am today without their insights and focused counsel. Most importantly they are just just a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to engage them.

Jack McGuiness

Relationship Impact

Our visibility skyrocketed almost immediately when we engaged Duct Tape Marketing to help with our online presence. We now have a clear picture and roadmap for the future and our business is booming. If you want to grow your business big-time, Duct Tape is your answer.

Jake Schloegel

Schloegel Design Remodel

I got clarity and structure for my agency's offer; was able to increase consulting leads by 30%.

Alfonso Lavergne

Digital Chif

I was looking for marketing system template that could be applied to similar types of businesses over and over. The Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network provided that system.

Apoorv Dwivedi


The more I do that Duct Tape Marketing has told me to grow an agency and service clients, the better off I seem to be... I joined the Duct Tape Marketing Network for the tools, but stay for the people.

Carl White

Market Visory Group

Our Process

Simple Strategies that Work.
No growth hacking, tactic-chasing, gimmicks, or

We know the growing pains of following trends, hoping for growth, and spending on ideas with no results. It's time to stop following and learn to lead. The Duct Tape Marketing system is based on tried, tested, and proven strategies that have worked time and time again for us, our clients, and our network.


We start by doing a deep dive into your business


Discover your differentiators


Develop your essential marketing elements


Create your bullet-proof customer journey


Turn up the heat by generating leads, and creating happy, high-profit customers for life!

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Let us teach you how to lead by developing the ultimate strategic advantage.

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The answer is to do less but do it brilliantly.

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Grow your business faster with strategic marketing

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