Do Blogs Really Help Create Traffic?

Do Blogs Really Help Create Traffic?

Do Blogs Really Help Create Traffic?

By John Jantsch

A reader recently posed this question.


Do you think a blog will create more website traffic than simply
adding the same information to the website itself?
Take care,

So, here was my answer, but I’m betting you bloggers who read my
post will have some great advice. . . care to comment?

~ ~ ~ ~

There are a lot of variables involved here, but my experience is that
the blogs are currently doing much better in terms of traffic for a
couple of basic reasons.

The structure of a blog relies on frequent updates. That’s why
search engines seem to like them so. Sure, you could just update
your web site but blog software makes it so easy. The current
trend suggests that most web sites will move to this type of content
management software for entire web sites.

The other thing that helps in the traffic category is that content
created by blog software is automatically syndicated to RSS
readers. Blogs also have the ability to create a regular community
of readers or subscribers, web pages just don’t do that.

Blogs aren’t THE only tool, they are just one more very effective
one. I think most businesses need to do a combination of things
including blogging.

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