Small Business Marketing Consulting Programs

Small Business Marketing Consulting Programs

The following programs are available exclusively from a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

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1) The Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst

The following ten sessions make up the core curriculum of the Duct Tape Marketing Group Catalyst Program delivered by a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

During each training session the consultant will conduct essential introductions and training on the material, assign action steps, facilitate discussion, and provide feedback and guidance in the completion of the steps as well as unlimited email support between sessions.

The primary objective of this program is the creation of the research and strategy necessary to easily complete and document a marketing action plan using the Duct Tape Marketing methodology.

  • Session 1 – Strategy – Discover Your Ideal Target Market
  • Session 2 – Strategy – Creating a Unique Core Message
  • Session 3 – The Marketing HourglassTM – The Total Experience
  • Session 4 – Content that Builds Trust and Educates
  • Session 5 – Creating a Total Web Presence
  • Session 6 – Advertising: A plan for guaranteed results
  • Session 7 – Referrals: The client and partner sales force
  • Session 8 – Public Relations: Building credibility and exposure
  • Session 9 – Lead Conversion: Turning leads to customers
  • Session 10 – Putting it all together and keeping score

Each participant receives 13 content packed workbooks, worksheets to go along with each session, Marketing Plan Pro Software, and  a copy of John Jantsch’s first book – Duct Tape Marketing.

2) Referral Engine Pro – a Duct Tape Marketing Program available conducted by a Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consultant

referral engine pro programThe power of glitzy advertising and elaborate marketing campaigns is on the wane; word- of-mouth referrals are what drive business today. People trust the recommendation of a friend, family member, colleague, or even stranger with similar tastes over anything thrust at them by a faceless company.

Most business owners believe that whether customers refer them is entirely out of their hands. But science shows that people can’t help recommending products and services to their friends—it’s an instinct wired deep in the brain. And smart businesses can tap into that hardwired desire.

Referral Engine Pro offers practical techniques for harnessing the power of referrals to ensure a steady flow of new customers. Keep those customers happy, and they will refer your business to even more customers.

  • Session 1 – Your Referral Marketing Strategy
  • Session 2 – Education Your Referral Sources
  • Session 3 – Customer Offers and Campaigns
  • Session 4 – Launch and Follow-up

The secret to generating referrals lies in understanding the “Customer Referral Cycle”—the way customers refer others to your company who, in turn, generate even more referrals. Businesses can ensure a healthy referral cycle by moving customers and prospects along the path of Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, and Refer. If everyone in an organization keeps this sequence in mind, Jantsch argues, your business will generate referrals like a well-oiled machine.

This practical, smart, and original guide is essential reading for any company looking to grow without a fat marketing budget.

3) Social Media Pro – a five session program available from a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

Social media is not simply today’s trendy marketing play; it’s here to stay and has impacted every aspect of marketing and growing a business. In this course you will be guided step-by-step on the creation of your social media system.

This course is not an exercise in theory, it’s a plan of action created by one of the leading small business social media marketing practitioners. The end result of this course is that you are able to effectively and efficiently integrate social media into your overall marketing plans.

This course is unique as you will receive a new lesson each week for five weeks. Each lesson includes:

  • A video presentation
  • PDF presentation and video transcript
  • Action steps
  • Resources for each step
  • Supplemental videos to guide you through the action steps

You’ll never get overwhelmed because we give you just enough to do each week without overloading you with the entire program. Our test participants found this to be the most helpful aspect of the course.

  • Session 1 – Creating a Social Media Strategy
  • Session 2 – Optimizing Brand Assets
  • Session 3 – Blogging for Business
  • Session 4 – Social Networking and Networks
  • Session 5 – Managing the Beast

You may enroll in any of the above programs by contacting a participating Duct Tape Marketing Consultant to learn about group and 1-on-1 coaching options.


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In the 7 Steps to small business marketing success you'll learn:

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    Why strategy must come before tactics
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    Why and what customers really buy
  • How to make Google your new best friend
  • How to install an integrated marketing system