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Ricardo (Ric) Mejia brings a unique mix of previous experiences to his role as President & Chief Marketing Strategist. As an eight-year United States Air Force veteran with extensive sales and marketing experience in the corporate world, Ric discovered that most local business could not retain him as a full-time employee because they had a short-term view of marketing, not a long-term strategy. From his professional experiences, he learned three important lessons:

  1. Most local businesses do not have a system for following up on leads to convert them into customers.
  1. Many businesses do not have a clear way of distinguishing themselves from competitors; as a result, competition is limited to one main factor – cost.
  2. Business owners struggle to commit to online marketing tactics; they do not follow through on marketing plans because they’re easily distracted by other ideas.

Ric knew that he wanted to help business solve these problems by creating and following an online marketing strategy, but he needed to find the right way to deliver this message and reach his ideal clients.

He found that fit when he discovered Duct Tape Marketing. As a certified Duct Tape Marketing coach and consultant, and graduate student in digital marketing, Ric uses his knowledge and tools to guide and instruct clients to implement a marketing system in their business, and execute it to meet their unique goals

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