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We Help Companies Grow Sales and Build Markets by Implementing Effective, Simple, Proven Marketing Systems.

Kurian Tharakan lead’s StrategyPeak Sales & Marketing Advisor’s strategic sales and marketing practice. During the past 27 years he has consulted with hundreds of firms, reviewing their strategic plans, analyzing financial statements, interviewing management teams, and seeing first hand how their business models operate. This process quickly identified the winners, and clearly demonstrated which growth methods and tactics ACTUALLY work … and especially what does not. This experience helps us create clear, simple, strategies for clients to Increase Revenues, Improve Profits, and Gain Market Share by:

– Sharpening Value Propositions to Make Them More Compelling – Increasing Market Visibility, so More People Know Who They Are – Implementing Lead Generation Systems, to Multiply Sales Opportunities – Establishing Sales Frameworks to Maximize Close Ratios – Integrating All of the Above into a Strategy, Business Model, and SYSTEM That Works!

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StrategyPeak Sales & Marketing Advisors
a division of Tharakan Partners, Inc.
Suite 503, 10108 – 125 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5N 4B6

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