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wing.man (noun)
In flight terminology, the wingman is a pilot who supports and protects the flight lead in potentially dangerous flying environments. The same is true in marketing strategy. You don’t need to fly solo. At WMDM, we got your back!

From mission planning to takeoff to perfect landing, you need a Wingman to watch your back. We take partnering with you to heart and are truly part of your crew, watching your back the entire journey. We guide and strategize missions with you to ensure you meet and surpass your business objectives. Your mission is our only focus.

We get it. You don’t need a full flight crew every step of the way or for every part of every mission. We take pride in being there to expertly assist you with specific initiative planning and execution. Wingman fills the gaps in your ongoing marketing plan wherever and whenever needed. It’s your mission. We are here to assist whenever you need support.

Even the smallest project or most clearly defined tactic needs a Wingman. We are there to perfectly execute your one-off projects as they arise. One of our multi-disciplined flight crew will manage your fixed-scope project from start to finish in a timely and efficient manner. We have your back as you need us – even if only for a single mission.

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