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Chris MacLeod

Chris MacLeodThe Inbound Guide

Would you try and climb a difficult mountain for the first time without a guide? For most of us, the answer is “probably not.” Yet, in business, we often imagine our products and services are so good, they practically sell themselves – no guide required. Either that or we think we can just wing the marketing and hope to get lucky. But, just as with climbing, sometimes having someone show you the way, and teach the technical bits, is far more sensible than trial and error. It’s safer and faster too. At The Inbound Guide, we teach small businesses what it takes to make your marketing really count. We guide you through the process of turning marketing into a logical, easy to follow system. No magic, no tech talk, just simple, affordable and effective advice from your personal guide – featuring the Duct Tape Marketing methodology. Visit us at and get yourself a guide.

The Inbound Guide
50 Yeo Street, Level 1
Neutral Bay, Sydney, NSW 2089

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