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Bob Aungst

Bob Aungst


I first got excited about marketing when I read The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy, put together a sales letter, created a mailing list, mailed the letter, got responses, and converted those prospects into purchasing customers.

The delivery mechanisms for marketing continually change. However, at the center of all good marketing is a strategic message that connects with the unique needs of the buyer.

I have spent the majority of my career selling and marketing kitchen cabinetry for cabinet manufacturers to local resellers-in other words the kitchen designers and remodelers in your communities. I loved the combination of selling B2B while working with owners of local businesses. The local designers and remodelers deliver enormous value to their customers through a very efficient distribution system-manufacturer to designer/remodeler to homeowner.

It was as simple and challenging as connecting businesses with similar standards of quality (manufacturer and dealer) with consumers that appreciate the quality and value delivered.

Over time I developed marketing services to help local businesses better compete. Competition is fierce. Your business competes with other local business, billion-dollar corporations, and online sellers. And even though you deliver a great result, if enough people don’t know what you do, you’ll struggle to generate enough profits to grow.

In many cases businesses simply don’t do a good enough job of saying and delivering that message to enough to customers that need their services.

DigitalMx exists to help you attract more and better customers.

I practice what I preach. I co-own a local business and, of course, handle the marketing. I have seen first-hand how a compelling strategic message, supported by good content, driven by good SEO practices, and page one Google search results contributes significantly to the growth of business.

I’m confident we can deliver great results to your business whether you are B2B or B2C business.

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