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Are you . . . providing an intangible, problem-solving service?

Do you . . . have ‘clients’ rather than customers?

Is your greatest asset . . . between your ears and above your shoulder blades?

Does your mother, spouse, or ‘significant other’ ever ask: “Honey, if you’re so smart, why aren’t we more rich?”

If so, YOU are a candidate for my kind of marketing coaching.

Since 1981, I’ve worked with people who are seeking to sell a personally rendered, problem-solving service easier and better than they ever have before. By design, not accident.

My specialty is helping you to market your problem-solving expertise in a manner that’s as professional as you are.

If you are seeking to improve your marketing and the results you’re getting from it . . . talk with me.

You may learn we’re not a fit. It happens. We’ll both live.

But, you might learn that I can help you to grow your business and income. That would be nice, right?

Call me. Let’s talk. If there’s a ‘next step’ for us to take from there, it’s your decision. Fair enough?

Next Action you can take to improve your marketing: “Call Bill . . . 860-798-6964 . . . NOW!”.

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SellMore Marketing, LLC
40 Devonshire Way
Kensington, CT 06037

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